Amazon and Microsoft Collaborate to Tackle Tech Support Scams‍

Amazon and Microsoft Collaborate to Tackle Tech Support Scams‍

Tech support scams have become a significant threat in the digital world, with cybercriminals exploiting vulnerable individuals and causing substantial economic losses.

To combat this growing menace, global tech giants Amazon and Microsoft have joined forces with international law enforcement agencies to send a clear message to perpetrators – their actions will have consequences.

This collaborative effort aims to create a safer digital ecosystem and protect a larger number of people from falling victim to these scams.

The Scale and Impact of Tech Support Scams

This problematic involves fraudsters operating in illegal call centers, impersonating reputable companies like Microsoft and Amazon to deceive unsuspecting victims. According to the FBI, these identity theft scams in the realm of technical assistance and customer support result in losses exceeding $1 billion for the victims each year.

In response to this alarming situation, the Central Bureau Investigation (CBI) of India, with support from Microsoft and Amazon, recently conducted multiple raids across several cities in the country.

The call centers raided by the CBI targeted more than 2,000 customers of Microsoft and Amazon, predominantly in the United States, but also in Canada, Germany, Australia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The swift action taken by the CBI, in collaboration with international law enforcement agencies and the tech giants, demonstrates the commitment to combatting tech support scams and protecting innocent and unsuspecting individuals.

Microsoft and Amazon’s First Joint Effort

The collaboration between Microsoft and Amazon to combat tech support scams represents a crucial milestone in the fight against this type of fraud. Both companies recognize the necessity of these joint actions to safeguard their customers and the broader digital community.

As cybercriminals and their infrastructure continually evolve, it is essential to pool resources and expertise to effectively protect people worldwide from fraudsters who exploit the reputations of trusted brands like Microsoft and Amazon.

The Ongoing Battle Against Tech Support Scams

While the recent raids in India mark a significant victory, Microsoft and Amazon, in partnership with the CBI and other international law enforcement agencies, remain vigilant against potential reactivation of illegal call centers and the establishment of new ones.

Continuous monitoring, information sharing, and close collaboration with the Indian authorities and victimized countries’ law enforcement agencies form key aspects of the ongoing fight against tech support scams.

Microsoft continually enhances its strategies to counter the evolving tactics of scammers. This involves collaborating with other tech industry players to share information and resources.

The company’s longstanding partnership with law enforcement agencies has already resulted in over 30 raids on illegal call centers and over 100 arrests to date. Microsoft extends an invitation to other industry members to join forces in the collective effort against criminal activities.

Ensuring Online Safety with Microsoft

As part of its commitment to providing a secure digital experience for every individual and organization worldwide, Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit actively investigates tech support scams, dismantles criminal networks, and refers cases to relevant law enforcement agencies.

In addition, Microsoft continually strengthens its products and services to protect consumers from fraudulent tactics. The company offers advice and resources to help users identify, avoid, and report scams.

It is crucial to note that Microsoft never proactively sends emails or makes phone calls to provide unsolicited technical support or request personal or financial information from users.

Microsoft’s technical support only contacts users who have previously initiated contact through established channels. Any unsolicited communication should be treated with skepticism, and users should refrain from sharing personal data.

If anyone suspects they have been contacted by someone claiming to be from Microsoft or a Microsoft partner and suspects a scam, they should report the incident through Microsoft’s online reporting tool:

By doing so, individuals contribute to the ongoing investigations conducted in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, allowing appropriate measures to be taken against those targeting Microsoft’s customers. The data collected is also instrumental in enhancing technology and providing better protection for consumers.

Amazon’s Commitment to Protecting Customers

Amazon, like Microsoft, is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its customers from tech support scams. The company employs various measures to combat fraudulent activities and provide a secure online environment for its users.

Amazon advises its customers to exercise caution when receiving unsolicited calls or emails claiming to be from Amazon’s technical support team.

These communications should be treated with skepticism, as Amazon’s support team does not reach out to customers proactively. Instead, customers should initiate contact through established channels to ensure they are interacting with genuine Amazon representatives.

To further protect its customers, Amazon actively monitors and investigates reports of potential scams. The company’s security teams collaborate with law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to identify and dismantle fraudulent networks.

By leveraging their expertise and resources, Amazon aims to stay ahead of scammers and provide a safe shopping experience for all customers.


The collaboration between Amazon, Microsoft, and international law enforcement agencies marks a significant step forward in the fight against tech support scams.

By combining their resources and expertise, these industry leaders aim to protect vulnerable individuals and create a more secure digital environment. Ongoing efforts to monitor, share information, and collaborate with law enforcement agencies will play a crucial role in combating tech support scams and holding perpetrators accountable.

Through their commitment to customer safety, Amazon and Microsoft are leading the charge against fraudulent activities, ensuring a safer online experience for everyone.