Biden Wins South Carolina Primary by Wide Margin: The Start of the Democratic Presidential Race

Biden Wins South Carolina Primary by Wide Margin: The Start of the Democratic Presidential Race

Joe Biden, President of the United States, has won a resounding victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary. This state, with a significant African-American population, was key to his triumph in the 2020 presidential election.

By defeating his two main rivals, Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips and self-help book writer Marianne Williamson, Biden has solidified his position as the front-runner in the Democratic race.

A Major Victory for Biden

Biden has won 96% of the vote in the South Carolina primary, allowing him to take all 55 delegates up for grabs at the Democratic convention in August. This victory is a significant boost for his re-election campaign in the November election.

In 2020, South Carolina voters proved the pundits wrong by breathing new life into Biden’s campaign and putting him on the path to winning the presidency.

In a statement, Biden has thanked South Carolina voters for their support and expressed confidence that this victory will put him back on the path to the presidency. He has also taken the opportunity to criticize his Republican rival, Donald Trump, stating that he will make Trump a loser again.

Biden’s Strategy: Changing the Election Calendar

One of Biden’s key strategies has been to modify the electoral calendar to place South Carolina as the first Democratic primary date. Biden has argued that this state, with its greater racial diversity compared to Iowa and New Hampshire, better reflects the reality of the Democratic electorate.

South Carolina is a Republican state, but 26% of its residents are black. In the 2020 general election, black voters represented 11% of the national electorate, and the overwhelming majority of them supported Biden.

Biden’s Presidential Race Officially Begins

South Carolina primary victory marks the official start of Biden’s presidential run for the Democratic Party nomination in the November election. Although Biden had already won a victory in New Hampshire, where his name was not on the ballot but he won 64% of the vote, the victory in South Carolina is especially significant because of its demographic and political importance.

African-American electorate is crucial to Biden’s chances in the general election against Trump, who currently leads in several polls of voting intentions. However, Biden is undeterred and reiterates his optimism in his campaign, calling the presidential election a battle for the survival of democracy. Biden has criticized Trump’s behavior and highlighted the differences between him and the current president.

Biden’s Perspectives on the General Election

Biden is convinced that as Americans begin to pay attention to the upcoming election, the contrast between him and Trump will help his candidacy. While some polls show a minimal but steady Trump lead over Biden, the former vice president highlights polls that give him an edge in key states such as Pennsylvania.

However, Biden also faces challenges in his campaign. While the improving economy could favor the Democratic candidate, his immigration policy and his stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict could affect his support among certain demographics. For example, a CNN poll shows that only 37% of respondents believe the U.S. is doing the right thing in its support for Israel.


Biden’s victory in the South Carolina primary has solidified his position as the front-runner in the Democratic presidential race. His strategy of shifting the electoral calendar and placing South Carolina as the first date has paid off, as he won a landslide victory in this state with a significant African-American electorate.

As the campaign progresses, Biden is confident that the contrast between him and Trump will help his candidacy, despite the challenges he faces on issues such as the economy, immigration and international relations.