Bovet and Pininfarina: A Collaboration for the Ages

Bovet and Pininfarina: A Collaboration for the Ages

In the world of luxury timepieces, collaborations between watchmakers and design firms often result in extraordinary creations that push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship. One such collaboration that has been capturing the attention of watch enthusiasts is the partnership between Bovet and Pininfarina.

Since 2010, these two iconic brands have been working together to create collaboratively designed watches that showcase their shared passion for contemporary and futuristic design.

Evolution of Bovet x Pininfarina Watches

Over the years, the Bovet x Pininfarina collaboration has produced a series of timepieces that stand out for their distinctive look and feel. These co-branded watches feature open-worked dials and intriguing materials, giving them a futuristic aesthetic that captures the imagination.

The latest addition to this lineup is the Aperto 1, a watch that not only continues the design language of its predecessors but also introduces new features and innovations.

Aperto 1: A Striking Openworked Watch

The Aperto 1 is a truly striking timepiece that exemplifies the collaborative spirit between Bovet and Pininfarina. This watch features an open-worked construction, allowing the wearer to admire the intricate inner workings of the movement. The grade 5 titanium build, along with PVD and CVD coatings on the movement, adds to the watch’s allure.

An All-New Movement

One of the highlights of the Aperto 1 is its all-new movement, the hand-wound caliber 15BMPF09-OW. This movement is a testament to Bovet’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship. Coated with black and tantalum grey treatments, the movement showcases cutting-edge design and precision.

The bridges and plates of the movement merge seamlessly in the center, creating a visually stunning display through the sapphire crystals on both sides of the watch.

Interchangeable Strap System

In addition to its captivating design and exceptional movement, the Aperto 1 introduces a unique interchangeable strap system. Inspired by Bovet’s patented Amadeo system, this innovative feature allows the wearer to change straps in just a few seconds.

By simply activating the pushers, each strap can be effortlessly removed and replaced with an alternative one, offering the flexibility to match the mood and style of the watch.

Vision Behind the Aperto 1

Pascal Raffy, the owner of Bovet, expresses his excitement about the Aperto 1, calling it a “vibrant, young timepiece.” He believes that the watch embodies the shared passion of Bovet and Pininfarina for contemporary and futuristic design in mechanically exceptional timepieces. The Aperto 1 represents a departure for both brands, showcasing their versatility while staying true to their aesthetic senses.

Raffy believes that the Aperto 1 will not only captivate watch enthusiasts but also inspire those who dare to dream and push boundaries. By combining Bovet’s expertise in watchmaking with Pininfarina’s mastery of design, the Aperto 1 represents the convergence of artistry and innovation.


The collaboration between Bovet and Pininfarina has consistently produced stunning timepieces that redefine the boundaries of watch design. The Aperto 1, with its openworked construction, all-new movement, and interchangeable strap system, is a testament to the enduring partnership between these two iconic brands.

As watch enthusiasts continue to seek out unique and captivating timepieces, the Bovet x Pininfarina collaboration remains at the forefront of innovation and style.