Cannabis shears: best types and brands

Cannabis shears: best types and brands

In the care and maintenance of cannabis plants, pruning plays a fundamental role in optimizing production and controlling plant growth. In addition, it allows to equalize the height of the crops, preventing the plants from exceeding a certain height and forcing them to produce arms.

Here is a complete guide to choosing the best pruning shears for cannabis cultivation.

Why are pruning shears important?

Pruning shears are indispensable tools for the care of your cannabis plants. They must have certain characteristics to facilitate a clean and precise cut, both on thin branches and thicker branches during harvest time. Make sure you have the following tools on hand:

Sharp scissors

It is important that scissors are sharp to obtain clean cuts and avoid unnecessary injury to the plants.

Scalpel or cutting blade

Use sharp tools that have been disinfected with alcohol to make precise cuts and avoid plant infections.

 Manicuring shears

This smaller and more manageable scissors will allow you to trim the buds easily and precisely.

Remember that cannabis plants can suffer infections if they are injured, so it is essential that all tools are in perfect condition, clean and well sharpened.

Types of pruning shears

There are different types of pruning shears for cannabis cultivation, each with specific characteristics to suit different needs.

These are the two most commonly used types of shears:

Bypass shears.

Bypass shears are the most popular and are characterized by having two curved blades that move in parallel.

These scissors allow for cleaner cuts and are easier to use. In addition, spare parts are easy to find. An example of bypass scissors recommended for cannabis cultivation is the Kamikaze T-900 Scissors.

Anvil Scissors

They generally have a straight blade and make the cut by closing over a flat edge or anvil. They are bulkier than bypass scissors, making them difficult to use in tight places.

What are the most recommended brands of pruning shears?

When choosing the best pruning shears for cannabis cultivation, it is important to consider the quality and durability of the tools. Let’s take a look at some brands mostly recommended by users:

 Bud Clean shears

Ideal for light pruning, cutting cuttings and trimming. They are perfect for stems up to 0.5 cm wide.

 Minigrip Scissors

These small, springless scissors are very convenient for pruning and manicuring cannabis buds, reaching the smallest leaves. They are ideal for cutting small leaves close to the bud.

 Leef Kleen Pro Scissors

They are the most versatile, as they are resistant and can be used both for cutting thick stems and for manicuring or pruning young plants with precision.

 Hydrofarm Scissors

These double-density, reinforced scissors are specifically designed for clean, efficient cuts on plant roots and stems. They have non-slip handles and are designed for heavy-duty work.

 Kamikaze scissors

These scissors stand out for their special design and construction. They are light, resistant and meet the requirements for bypass or anvil cuts.

 How to properly clean your cannabis pruning shears?

To maintain the durability of your pruning shears, it is important to clean them regularly.

A good cleaner to remove resin and grease is the “trim dewaxer”. This cleaner is very easy to use, as it is sprayed on the surface, left to act for a few minutes and then wiped off with a cloth.

Remember that keeping your pruning shears clean and in good condition will contribute to a better care of your cannabis plants.