Car Manufacturers Leading the Electrification Movement in Spain

In a recent study conducted by the Fundación Mogy para la Sostenibilidad, it has been found that car manufacturers in Spain are at the forefront of driving the electrification movement in the country.These manufacturers have taken on the responsibility of investing in the installation of charging points and promoting electromobility.

Today we will delve into the reasons behind their active participation in electrification, their commitment to producing a wide range of electric models, their contributions to charging infrastructure, and the development of user-friendly applications to enhance the electric vehicle (EV) experience.

Drive Towards Electrification

Car manufacturers in Spain have shown a remarkable commitment to electrification by investing substantial amounts in their production plants and swiftly introducing a diverse lineup of electric models.

This dedication is evident in the fact that every brand present in the national market now offers at least one electrified model, with 75% of them having at least one fully electric option. Mercedes-Benz leads the way with nine electric models, while Porsche has seen 10% of its sales come from electric vehicles.

These figures demonstrate the manufacturers’ determination to make electric mobility mainstream in Spain.

Investing in Charging Infrastructure

Recognizing the importance of a reliable charging infrastructure, car manufacturers have taken up the responsibility of supporting the installation of charging points. Approximately 40% of the brands present in Spain have actively participated in the deployment of chargers.

This involvement takes various forms, including direct installation of points at dealerships (30% of brands), collaboration with Ionity (supported by Audi, BMW, Ford, Genesis, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Skoda, and Volkswagen), and joint efforts with electric companies.

By actively engaging in the expansion of charging infrastructure, manufacturers aim to facilitate the seamless movement of electric vehicle users across the country.

Tomás Villén, the General Manager of Porsche Ibérica, acknowledges the existing infrastructure challenges and highlights Porsche’s proactive approach. Porsche has directly or indirectly contributed to the installation of 50% of high-power chargers in Spain and Portugal.

By taking the lead in establishing an extensive charging network, the brand aims to create an ecosystem that enables electric vehicle users to travel comfortably on major routes.

User-Friendly Applications

To enhance the electric vehicle experience, car manufacturers have developed applications that offer a range of functionalities. These apps assist users in monitoring their vehicle’s charging status, locating nearby charging points, and incentivizing the purchase of electric vehicles through features like early access to government incentives, such as those provided by the Plan Moves.

The study reveals that 77% of the surveyed brands have successfully developed applications to support electric vehicle owners. These apps serve as valuable tools for users, enabling them to conveniently manage their charging needs and find the nearest available charging stations.

Furthermore, these applications play a crucial role in promoting the adoption of electric vehicles by providing easy access to important information and benefits.


Car manufacturers in Spain are leading the way in the electrification movement by making substantial investments in their production plants, offering a wide range of electric models, and actively participating in the development of charging infrastructure.

Their commitment to creating a robust ecosystem for electric vehicle users is evident through the deployment of user-friendly applications that enhance the overall electric vehicle experience.

As Spain continues to progress towards a more sustainable future, the efforts of these manufacturers will play a pivotal role in driving the adoption of electric vehicles and establishing a comprehensive charging network throughout the country.

The collaboration between car manufacturers, government entities, and electric companies is vital in creating an environment that encourages individuals to embrace the benefits of electric mobility.

With their unwavering dedication, car manufacturers are paving the way for a greener and more sustainable transportation future in Spain.