Epic Delay: Rolex’s New London Flagship Faces Construction Setbacks

Epic Delay: Rolex’s New London Flagship Faces Construction Setbacks

Rolex, the world’s biggest luxury watchmaker, has been eagerly anticipated to open its new flagship store in London since last year. However, due to various construction issues, the opening has been delayed not once, but twice.

Initially planned for 2022, the ribbon cutting ceremony is now not expected until 2025. The Watches of Switzerland Group, a long-standing partner of Rolex, is overseeing this ambitious project.

Relocation and Upscale Location

The existing 900-square-foot Rolex boutique on Bond Street in London is set to be relocated to a more spacious 7,200-square-foot location on Old Bond Street. This historic street, situated in the West End of London, has been home to numerous upscale fashion retailers since the 18th century.

Known as a premier shopping destination for the elite, Old Bond Street provides the perfect backdrop for Rolex’s grand new flagship store.

A Historic Corner Property

Rolex’s new showroom will occupy a corner property with an illustrious past. Previously, it served as the home of the renowned Italian fashion house, Gucci. However, the relocation process for Gucci took longer than anticipated, causing the initial delay in the construction work for Rolex’s new store.

Despite these setbacks, the building process has now commenced, albeit not as smoothly as expected.

Construction Challenges and Revised Completion Date

Issues related to the basement of the Old Bond Street building have emerged as a significant obstacle in the construction of Rolex’s flagship boutique.

Brian Duffy, the CEO of Watches of Switzerland, recently stated during a conference call that these challenges would push the completion date of the project to the following year. Consequently, Rolex currently has no presence on the prestigious shopping thoroughfare of Old Bond Street.

Worth the Wait: A Luxurious Showroom

Fortunately, the wait for Rolex’s new flagship store is expected to be worthwhile. The sprawling showroom, designed collaboratively by Rolex and Watches of Switzerland, will offer a unique emphasis on client hospitality and the brand’s storied history.

Situated in close proximity to other esteemed watchmakers like Jaeger LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, and A. Lange & Söhne, the new boutique will foster a sense of horological excellence.

A Century-Long Partnership

The Watches of Switzerland Group boasts a century-long relationship with Rolex. In the mid-1980s, the group opened the first Rolex boutique on Bond Street and has since been representing the Crown in this iconic location.

Additionally, the group has partnered with Rolex to establish seven other branded boutiques in esteemed locations across the United Kingdom and the United States. Recently, the Rolex outpost in the Wynn Resort, Las Vegas underwent a significant refurbishment, further solidifying the partnership’s commitment to excellence.

Birthplace of Rolex

Expressing his excitement about the new boutique, Brian Duffy shared, “We have been looking for some time at opportunities for a larger space to present the Rolex brand in the way it deserves. We are delighted to be opening this significant Rolex boutique in partnership with Rolex, in the city which was the birthplace of the Rolex brand.”

This statement highlights the significance of London as the birthplace of Rolex and the importance of creating a fitting space to showcase the brand’s legacy.


Despite facing unforeseen construction setbacks, Rolex’s new flagship store in London is poised to make a grand entrance onto the prominent shopping street of Old Bond Street. The Watches of Switzerland Group, in collaboration with Rolex, is determined to create a luxurious and historically significant showroom that will captivate watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

As 2025 approaches, the anticipation for the unveiling of this epic boutique continues to grow. Rolex enthusiasts and luxury watch fans can now eagerly await the day when they can explore the new flagship store and immerse themselves in the timeless elegance of Rolex’s horological masterpieces.