Europe Dominates the List of World’s Most Sustainable Beaches

Europe Dominates the List of World’s Most Sustainable Beaches

Europe is leading the way when it comes to sustainable beach tourism. A recent survey has revealed that seven out of the top ten sustainable beaches globally are located in Europe, specifically in the countries of Greece, Cyprus, and the United Kingdom.

This is not only a testament to these countries’ commitment to preserving their natural beauty but also an indication of a growing trend among travelers towards more eco-friendly destinations.

Survey Methodology

This finding comes from the latest ranking of the world’s best beaches, conducted yearly by TripAdvisor. In addition to the usual criteria such as water clarity, clean sand, and visitor reviews, this year’s ranking also includes a sustainability category for the first time.

The data for this category was provided by BeCause, a tourism sustainability company, which assessed beaches that had been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag designation. The Blue Flag is an international award given to beaches that meet high standards of cleanliness and safety.

Top Sustainable Beaches in Europe

European beaches claimed seven spots in the top ten rankings. Here’s a deeper look at some of the destinations that made the list.

1. Sandbanks Beach (United Kingdom): A Family-friendly Destination

Sandbanks Beach, located in the UK, topped the list as the most sustainable beach. It has held its Blue Flag status for over 30 years, longer than any other beach in the country.

The beach is frequently described by visitors as “clean and tidy” and “sandy, clean, and beautiful.” This is largely thanks to a team of volunteers who regularly pick up litter to keep the coastline waste-free.

To access this beach, travelers can catch a train from London, which takes roughly four hours. For a more eco-friendly option, there are several bus lines connecting to local centers in Poole and Bournemouth.

While summer is the most popular time to visit, TripAdvisor reviewers also recommend visiting in cooler weather for a peaceful beach stroll and stunning views of the southern British coastline.

2. Galissas Beach (Greece): A Snorkeling Haven

Fifth on the list is Galissas Beach on the island of Syros in Greece. This beach is nestled in a cove between towering cliffs, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling in calm, shallow waters.

Visitors highlight the clean and clear waters, as well as good accessibility for people with disabilities.

From the capital of Syros, Ermoupoli, there is a direct bus connection to the beach.

3. Nissi Beach (Cyprus): A Party Atmosphere with Pristine Sands

Nissi Beach in Cyprus offers a mix of relaxation and entertainment. The eastern end of this 500-meter long beach is calm and serene, while the western end is known for its vibrant nightlife.

Other Sustainable European Beaches

Other European beaches that made the top ten include Saundersfoot (Wales), Mellieha (Malta), Myrtos (Greece), and Playa Blanca (Lanzarote, Spain).

This recognition of European beaches as leaders in sustainable tourism is a testament to their ongoing efforts to balance tourism demands with environmental preservation. It also serves as an inspiration to other beach destinations worldwide to step up their sustainability game.

Final Thoughts

Sustainable travel is not just a trend; it’s a necessity. As the global travel industry continues to grow, it’s crucial for destinations to prioritize sustainability to preserve their natural beauty for future generations. And as this ranking shows, Europe is setting a high standard for the rest of the world to follow.