Federal Criminal Charges Against Hunter Biden, son of U.S. President Joe Biden: What You Need to Know

Federal Criminal Charges Against Hunter Biden, son of U.S. President Joe Biden: What You Need to Know

The news of federal criminal charges against Hunter Biden has been making headlines, fueling political debates and speculation.

Investigation into the personal and business dealings of Joe Biden’s son has been ongoing for years, with the latest charges alleging tax evasion and illegal possession of a firearm.

Investigation into Hunter Biden

Department of Justice initiated an investigation into Hunter Biden’s personal and business transactions as early as 2018. The probe, led by former President Donald Trump-appointed prosecutor, Weiss, focused on several activities, including Biden’s involvement with foreign businesses such as his position on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Over time, the investigation narrowed down to two main issues: tax evasion and illegal firearm possession.

Tax Evasion Charges Against Hunter Biden

According to prosecutors, Hunter Biden received over $7 million in gross income between 2016 and October 2020. This includes significant earnings from his position on the board of Burisma, totaling almost $2.3 million from 2016 to 2019.

Additionally, income from his work with CEFC China Energy Co Ltd, a Chinese energy conglomerate, was also included in the investigation.

Charges allege that in 2018 alone, Hunter Biden spent over $1.8 million on various expenses, including cash withdrawals, payments to women, and clothing and accessories. The prosecution claims that Biden failed to file and pay taxes, evaded tax payments, and made false or fraudulent tax declarations.

Illegal Firearm Possession Charge

In October, Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to charges related to the purchase of a firearm in 2018. The accusation states that he falsely claimed he was not using drugs at the time of purchase, despite later admitting his struggle with crack addiction. The investigators argue that this violates a law prohibiting individuals who use or are addicted to controlled substances from possessing firearms.

Hunter Biden is expected to enter into a Pretrial Diversion Agreement instead of pleading guilty to the firearm charge. This agreement typically allows individuals to avoid prosecution if they fulfill certain conditions.

Response from the Biden Family

Biden family has responded to the accusations against Hunter Biden with a brief statement released by the White House spokesperson. The statement emphasizes the love and support the President and First Lady have for their son as he continues to rebuild his life.

Administration has refrained from making further comments and directed inquiries to the Department of Justice or Hunter Biden’s personal representatives.

Republican Reactions to the Charges

Latest accusation against Hunter Biden comes at a time when Republican lawmakers are preparing for an impeachment process against President Biden, alleging his involvement in an influence-peddling scheme with his son. The House is expected to vote on the formal authorization of the investigation in the coming weeks.

The initial plea agreement, which would have included two years of probation for a lesser tax offense and the avoidance of prosecution for the firearm charge, was criticized by Republicans.

Former President Donald Trump labeled the guilty plea deal as a result of the “corrupt Biden Justice Department.” Republican Congressman James Comer, leading a separate investigation into Hunter Biden, claimed that Biden was getting away with his actions and pledged to continue the committee’s inquiry.

Ethical Concerns and Lack of Evidence against Joe Biden

While questions have been raised about the ethical aspects surrounding the Biden family’s international business dealings, no evidence has emerged to demonstrate that Joe Biden, in his current or previous positions, abused his role or accepted bribes. The investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities has not implicated his father.


Federal criminal charges against Hunter Biden have brought his personal and business activities into the spotlight once again. The investigation, spanning several years, has resulted in accusations of tax evasion and illegal firearm possession.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the political landscape is likely to be impacted, with Republicans seizing the opportunity to question the integrity of the Biden family. Meanwhile, the Biden administration maintains support for their son while focusing on their responsibilities in governing the country.