Growing cannabis in cold climates? Nature’s resilience

Growing cannabis in cold climates? Nature’s resilience

Winter can be a challenging season for cannabis cultivation, especially in regions where low temperatures and snowfall are frequent. However, nature never ceases to surprise us with its high resilience.

Discover the incredible ability of cannabis to cope with winter cold and how some cannabis farms have managed to overcome adversity and thrive even in the most extreme conditions.

Green Monkey Cultivators farm and the unexpected snowstorm

Green Monkey Cultivators is a picturesque cannabis farm located in Northern California. With its mountains and hills covered in dense greenery, it seemed like a quiet and peaceful place. When an unexpected snowstorm hit the region the peace was interrupted.

The magnitude of the storm and the heavy snow cover that blanketed the farm seriously threatened the cannabis crop. The heavy weight of the snow had a high chance of crushing the plants and the lack of sunlight was capable of disrupting their growth.

For this reason, it was necessary to act quickly if they wanted to save their crop.

Challenges caused by the storm

Despite the efforts of the Green Monkey Cultivators team, some plants did not withstand the harsh weather conditions. But, those cannabis strains known for their resistance to cold, such as Girl Scout Cookies and Northern Lights, managed to survive the storm. Demonstrating the incredible ability of cannabis to adapt and resist even in extreme conditions.

Lessons Learned

Storm at Green Monkey Cultivators left a lasting impression on the farm.

This experience taught them valuable lessons about the resilience of nature and the importance of being prepared to deal with adverse weather conditions.

The Green Monkey Cultivators story is just one example of how cannabis can withstand and adapt to the cold winter. In other regions of the world, such as Canada and some European countries, growers have developed specific techniques and varieties that allow them to grow cannabis even in extremely cold conditions.

Growing techniques to cope with the cold

If you are thinking about growing cannabis in cold climates, there are several techniques that can help you maximize your chances of success:

Choose cold-hardy strains

When choosing cannabis strains to grow in cold climates, it’s important to look for those that are known for their excellent cold hardiness.

Strains like Northern Lights, Blueberry, and White Widow tend to be more resistant to low temperatures, so they have a higher chance of surviving in cold conditions.

Prepare the soil and protect the roots

Before winter arrives, it is advisable to prepare the soil properly. This involves making sure the soil has good drainage to prevent water from accumulating and freezing around the roots.

It is also important to protect the roots with mulch or other insulating material to keep them from freezing.

Use greenhouses or protective structures

Greenhouses or protective structures are an excellent option for growing cannabis in cold climates. These structures provide a controlled environment where a warmer temperature can be maintained and plants can be protected from weather conditions.

Adjust watering accordingly

During the winter, it is essential to adjust watering to prevent over-watering, as this can increase the risk of frost on the roots. In addition, we recommend protecting plants during the coldest nights with thermal blankets or other materials that help retain heat.

Monitor constantly

Winter weather can be unpredictable, so it is important to constantly monitor conditions and adapt growing techniques as needed.

This means adjusting plant protection, increasing irrigation or taking other actions to ensure the survival and healthy growth of plants.


There is no doubt that cannabis has an amazing ability to withstand and adapt to adverse weather conditions. Stories like that of Green Monkey Cultivators in California prove that even in the midst of an unexpected snowstorm, cannabis can survive and thrive.

Nature always has the last word, and cannabis is a prime example of its resilience and beauty. So, if you’re thinking about growing cannabis in winter, don’t be discouraged by the cold.

With proper cultivation techniques and care, it is possible to grow cannabis in cold climates and enjoy a successful harvest.