Growing marijuana with or without a closet? Advantages and disadvantages of these growing practices

When you decide to grow cannabis at home, one of the first decisions to make is whether you want to grow with or without a grow tent.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to analyze them before deciding which is the best option for each person.

What does growing marijuana in a grow tent consist of?

Growing cabinets are a popular choice among marijuana growers, as they offer several advantages when it comes to indoor growing.

These cabinets are specifically designed to house marijuana cultivation, and come equipped with all the necessary features to facilitate the growing process.

Advantages of growing in a grow tent

One of the main advantages of growing marijuana in a closet is the ease of assembly. Growing cabinets come prepared and equipped with structures, light supports, extractors, ventilation holes and water collection trays, among other things. Assembling a grow tent is quick and easy, and in a few minutes you can have everything ready to start growing.

Another advantage of grow tents is their ability to keep the photoperiod of the marijuana plants constant. These cabinets are designed to completely block light in and out, ensuring that the plants receive the right amount of light during the growing period.

In addition, they offer better climate control compared to a grow without a cabinet. Due to their smaller size, it is easier to control the humidity and temperature inside the cabinet. This is especially important for marijuana growing, as plants require specific conditions to grow optimally.

Disadvantages of closet growing

One of the main limitations is the limited space offered by grow closets.

If you choose a small sized closet, it is possible that the plants will be limited in their growth and development. In addition, if you wish to expand your grow in the future, it will require the purchase of a larger cabinet or even the addition of another cabinet.

Another disadvantage of closet growing is the higher initial cost. They usually tend to be more expensive than simply growing in a room without a closet. In addition, the assembly and installation of the different components of the closet, such as lighting and ventilation systems, also require additional investment.

What does growing marijuana without a closet consist of?

Although grow closets are a popular option, it is also possible to grow marijuana without using a closet. This option may be more suitable in certain cases, especially if you have a larger space or are looking for more customization in your grow.

Advantages of growing without a grow tent

One of the main advantages of growing without a closet is the flexibility in terms of space. By not having the physical constraints of a closet, plants can be given more space and allowed to grow more freely.

The larger space available also makes it easier to place the different elements of the crop, such as fans and ventilation systems.

Another advantage of closetless growing is the ability to adapt to more unusual or smaller spaces. While a grow closet requires a specific space, closetless growing allows you to adapt to any available space, no matter how small or unusual it may be.

Moreover, this type of cultivation is more economical in terms of initial cost.

Since the purchase of a grow tent is not required, the initial expense is reduced. Instead, inexpensive materials, such as reflective paper and plastic, are used to create a suitable growing space.

Disadvantages of growing without a grow tent

One limitation is the need to prepare the grow space manually.

This may involve installing supports for exhaust fans, filters and ventilators, as well as setting up an air extraction system and placing light barriers.

Climate control is sometimes more complicated in a grow room without a cabinet. Due to the larger growing area, it is more difficult to maintain temperature and humidity at optimal levels. Because of this factor, it may require a greater investment in climate control systems and more effort to control environmental conditions.

Another disadvantage of growing without a cabinet is the lack of discretion. Unlike a grow closet, which hides plants from view and reduces odor, growing without a closet can be less discreet.


Growing marijuana both with a closet and without a closet have their advantages and disadvantages. While closet growing offers ease of setup, better climate control and greater discretion, but can be limited in terms of space and requires a larger initial investment. On the other hand, growing without a cabinet offers flexibility, customization and a lower initial cost, but proves to be more complicated to set up and control, as well as being less discreet.

The choice between growing with or without a grow tent will depend on your needs and preferences when it comes to growing marijuana. When making this decision, it is important to consider available space, budget, desired discretion and growing experience.

Whichever option you choose, with the right care and the right conditions, it is possible to grow excellent quality marijuana from the comfort of your own home.