Highly Anticipated Arrival of Apple Vision Pro in Spain: All You Need to Know

Highly Anticipated Arrival of Apple Vision Pro in Spain: All You Need to Know

The highly anticipated release of the Apple Vision Pro has left many technology enthusiasts in Spain eagerly awaiting their arrival. While these mixed reality glasses have already been launched in the United States, Apple has not provided an official release date for the Spanish market.

Launch of Apple Vision Pro in the United States

Apple Vision Pro, a pair of mixed reality glasses, was launched in the United States just a few days ago. However, there is still no official information regarding when these glasses will be available in Spain.

During the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced that the device would be available in early 2024 in the United States. Speculations arose during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January of this year, suggesting that the exact release date would be on February 2.

Unfortunately, Apple did not provide any updates regarding the availability of the glasses in the rest of the world, leaving the Spanish market in suspense.

Potential Delay in the Arrival of Apple Vision Pro in Spain

According to experts, the arrival of the Apple Vision Pro in Europe, and consequently in Spain, might take some time. While we eagerly await an estimated date from Apple, some predict that the glasses may not be available until late this year or early 2025.

How Can Spaniards Obtain Apple Vision Pro?

Although the Apple Vision Pro has not yet been officially released in Spain, there are a few ways that some Spanish users have managed to get their hands on them. Some individuals may already possess the glasses because they reside in the United States or took advantage of a trip to the country to make a purchase.

Additionally, there are internet users who have listed the glasses for sale on websites like eBay. However, due to limited availability (rumored to be between 60,000 and 180,000 units), the prices for these second-hand devices on such platforms tend to be significantly higher.

Price of Apple Vision Pro in the Second-Hand Market

Max Weinbach, a journalist from 9to5Google, shared on his X account (previously known as Twitter) that some Americans are attempting to sell the Apple Vision Pro for around $4,500. This price is considerably higher than the original retail price of $3,499.

While Weinbach expresses doubt about the sale of these glasses at such inflated prices, it remains to be seen if any Spaniards are willing to purchase them to avoid the wait for an official release in Spain.


Apple Vision Pro, a highly anticipated device in the world of mixed reality, has already made its debut in the United States. However, the Spanish market is still eagerly awaiting its arrival. While there is no official release date for Spain, rumors suggest that the glasses may arrive late this year or in early 2025.

Some Spaniards have managed to obtain the glasses by residing in the United States or purchasing them through second-hand platforms like eBay. Despite the higher prices in the second-hand market, these enthusiasts are eager to experience the cutting-edge technology promised by Apple.

As we eagerly await the official release in Spain, the anticipation for the Apple Vision Pro continues to grow.