Introducing Ultra1Plus: Unleash The Power Of Full Synthetic Motor Oil For European Cars

Introducing Ultra1Plus: Unleash The Power Of Full Synthetic Motor Oil For European Cars

Ultra1Plus has declared the introduction of their new line of full synthetic motor oils U1P-DRIVE Euro Rennsport specifically designed for luxury European cars that require high-performing oil.

This motor oil is crafted with a full synthetic base stock together with a top-grade additive package, and is intended for high-performance European gasoline and diesel engines that are fuel-injected, turbocharged, supercharged or carbureted.

Ultra1Plus has expanded its product selection with the introduction of its latest offering, providing a strong presence in the European market. According to CEO Carmine Colarusso, Ultra1Plus Euro Rennsport Motor Oil is designed to meet the highest emissions standards while also increasing performance. “It’s a new benchmark for quality,” said Colarusso.

The U1P-DRIVE Euro Rennsport Full Synthetic Motor Oil surpasses the stringent standards of Euro ACEA C5 and ACEA C6 as well as American API SP and ILSAC GF-6 oil performance requirements. Additionally, it is a suitable replacement for the oil specifications prescribed for older vehicles.

Pros and Advantages:

Some of the most important advantages offered by the new line of Ultra1Plus full synthetic oils are:

  • Longer operational lifetime of the engine.
  • Unparalleled lubrication and protection from wear, even in the most demanding of conditions.
  • Improved ignition in cold weather, better fuel economy and reduced emissions.
  • Avoids formation of varnishes, sludge and deposits caused by extreme heat.
  • Maximum defense against corrosion.
  • Lessened evaporation of the lubricant at high temperatures.
  • Dependable performance over the recommended period between oil changes.

U1P-DRIVE Euro Rennsport Full Synthetic Motor Oil is designed to meet various specifications, including ACEA C5/C6, GM/Opel Long-life B, Daimler MB 229.3 and 229.5, Volkswagen VW50200 and VW50500, MBW Long-life 01, Porsche A40, PSA B71 2296 and Renault RN0700/710.

You can find this Ultra1Plus portfolio online and at select distributors in the U.S. To learn more about Ultra1Plus’ line of American-made motor oils, visit Ultra1Plus website.

An Overview of Ultra1Plus

Ultra1Plus is a brand established by Ultrachem LLC, a family-run business based in Miami, Florida that has been offering superior oils and specialty fluids for all industries at competitive prices for almost half a century. The company’s cutting-edge manufacturing facility situated in Houston, Texas is in the biggest petrochemical manufacturing area in the Americas, and close to one of the most active ports in the world in Houston.

They also has an extra global distribution center in Miami. In 2017, Ultra1Plus™ was formed and is known for its transparent PET bottles, letting customers observe the product and “experience” the performance without compromising the company’s mission of providing everyday low prices.

Ultra1Plus has earned an ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management, and its parent firm has made it to America’s fastest-growing private companies in the 2023 Inc. 5000 list. To learn more, check out