Javier Milei fires his Infrastructure Minister after 45 days in office

Javier Milei fires his Infrastructure Minister after 45 days in office

In a surprise decision, Argentine President Javier Milei has fired his Minister of Infrastructure, Guillermo Ferraro, after only 45 days in office. This event has generated great controversy and expectation in the country, as Ferraro was considered one of the most politically experienced members of the Cabinet.

Although no detailed explanation of the dismissal has been officially provided, several speculations have arisen in the local media.

Reasons behind the dismissal

According to information leaked by local media, Ferraro was fired for allegedly leaking confidential information about Cabinet meetings to the press. The last leak was a threat made by President Milei to the provincial governors, published in the newspaper Clarín, in which he stated that he would leave them “without a peso” if they did not support his megaley of deregulation of the State in Congress.

This pressure towards the governors has become essential to achieve the approval of the law, and Milei has decided to use the cut in federal funds as a strategy to persuade them.

Impact on the Cabinet and the Government

Ferraro’s dismissal represents a significant casualty in the Cabinet of Milei, who had sought to reduce the number of ministries and create a more compact team. Ferraro served as Minister of Infrastructure, a new ministry that grouped the portfolios of Public Works, Energy, Transportation, Mining, Telecommunications and Housing.

This decision to concentrate the infrastructure areas under one ministry reflected the government’s intention to shift the country’s development model towards a more private sector concession-oriented approach, following the Chilean model.

Ferraro’s dismissal has also generated uncertainty in the Government, as it comes at a crucial moment when the State deregulation megaley is expected to be approved in Congress. Without the necessary majority and with tensions with the provinces and legislators of other parties, the approval of this law is in a precarious position.

Reactions and official statements

So far, the Government has maintained an almost total silence regarding Ferraro’s dismissal. President Milei participated in an event in Buenos Aires for the International Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, where he made no reference to the situation.

However, Chancellor Diana Mondino, who accompanied him at the event, affirmed to the press that there is no crisis in the Cabinet and that it is simply a cost-cutting measure. Furthermore, she denied having heard the phrases attributed to Milei that allegedly led to Ferraro’s dismissal.

Future perspectives

The dismissal of Guillermo Ferraro has generated a climate of uncertainty in the Government of Javier Milei. The approval of the State deregulation megaley in Congress is in a delicate situation, and the pressure towards the provincial governors is intensifying.

The future of the Ministry of Infrastructure is also uncertain, as it has been speculated that it may be transferred to the Ministry of Economy.


Ferraro’s dismissal represents a break in Milei’s Cabinet and poses significant challenges for the Argentine Government. The ability to reach consensus and the management of tensions with provincial governors will be decisive for the future of the State deregulation megaley.

The country is expectant about the next steps of the president and his government.