Londoners Stand Against a Multimillion-Dollar Party Yacht on the Thames

Londoners Stand Against a Multimillion-Dollar Party Yacht on the Thames

Londoners have successfully halted the grand entrance of a multimillion-dollar party yacht, the Oceandiva London, onto the River Thames. Intended to host lavish events and redefine the city’s entertainment scene, the 282-foot vessel faced numerous challenges and is now being redirected back to the EU.

Ambitious Plans of Smart Group

Smart Group, an entertainment company, had ambitious plans to introduce the 282-foot Oceandiva London to the River Thames as a luxury party yacht. The vessel, built by a Dutch shipyard at a cost of £25 million, promised to offer three stories of entertainment space, accommodating up to 1,000 guests. However, the project faced significant hurdles due to regulatory and certification processes in the UK.

Regulatory and Certification Challenges

The decision to redirect the Oceandiva London back to the EU was driven by the complex web of regulatory and certification processes in the UK. The Dutch owners of the vessel, understanding the extensive challenges they would face, made the difficult choice to abandon their plans. Smart Group acknowledges the frustrations caused by these hurdles, leading to the disappointment of the vessel’s fans and potential guests.

Concerns of the Local Residents

One of the primary concerns raised by local residents was the potential disturbance caused by the massive party yacht. Londoners living near the River Thames voiced their worries about disrupted sleep and the impact on their view. The size of the vessel, larger than any entertainment boat operating in British rivers, led to fears that it would have a battleship-like presence, negatively affecting the surrounding area.

A Missed Opportunity for London

Despite the opposition, Smart Group’s managing director, Chloe Jackson, believed that the Oceandiva London could have significantly benefited the city. The company estimated that the vessel would have generated £77 million for London, boosting the local economy and enhancing the city’s nightlife. Additionally, the yacht’s carbon-neutral power source would have made it the first of its kind on the Thames, positively impacting the environment.

Misinformation Surrounding the Project

Throughout the project, there were several instances of misinformation surrounding the Oceandiva London. Reports suggested that the yacht would feature a helipad, operate 24 hours a day, and host up to 1,500 people. However, Smart Group clarified that the vessel was primarily designed as a corporate-events venue, catering to a different audience than initially assumed.

Future Prospects for the Oceandiva London

With the Oceandiva London now on its way back to EU waters, it remains uncertain where the vessel will find its new home. Ibiza and the Mediterranean are potential destinations that may offer a more welcoming environment for the grand party yacht. Regardless of its future location, the Oceandiva London represents an opportunity missed for London, leaving residents and business owners to speculate on what could have been.


The saga of the Oceandiva London highlights the challenges faced by ambitious projects seeking to redefine the entertainment landscape.

While the vessel encountered regulatory and certification obstacles in the UK, it also stirred concerns among local residents. Despite these setbacks, the potential economic benefits and the vessel’s eco-friendly design make it a missed opportunity for London. As the Oceandiva London heads back to the EU, the future of this multimillion-dollar party yacht remains uncertain.