Macron calls for major European investment and suggests issuing new Eurobonds

Macron calls for major European investment and suggests issuing new Eurobonds

The world is undergoing a profound transformation in content and breakneck speed. International relations are changing and green and digital technological revolutions are underway.

In this challenging environment, French President Emmanuel Macron is urging Europe to implement a grand plan to invest in the priorities of our time, such as artificial intelligence, green energy and defense technologies.

The aim is to prevent the European Union from falling into a dependency that would nullify its autonomy in the world and impair its ability to create quality jobs.

In his speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Macron pointed to the possibility of financing this investment effort by issuing Eurobonds, a taboo subject for Germany and other European countries in the frugal group, and one that had been relegated in recent public debate.

In addition, he stressed the need to advance EU capital market integration and expressed readiness to push for reforms through enhanced cooperation, i.e. with small groups rather than the EU-27 in unison.

Need for a stronger investment Europe

According to Macron, Europe has achieved a lot in recent years, especially in its response to the COVID-19 crisis and the invasion of Ukraine. However, he believes that much more needs to be done in the face of the “formidable acceleration” of innovations and the challenges of the modern world. In this regard, the French president stresses the importance of a much stronger investment Europe.

For Macron, it is a priority to invest in clean technologies, quantum and defense. He also considers that much more money and an investment strategy are needed. He proposes to increase European public investments and open a phase of new investments, possibly using Eurobonds to finance priorities.

In addition to investment, Macron also advocates further integration of the EU capital market. Although the continent has savings, they do not circulate efficiently. France will propose to move forward through reinforced cooperations to achieve a more integrated financial Europe.

Quest for autonomy and reduction of dependence

Macron considers that it will take at least a decade to achieve significant progress in terms of autonomy. Moreover, he stresses that the reduction of dependence should not be limited to China alone, as being completely dependent on the United States is not good either.

According to the French president, this year and the next are crucial for the EU to decide whether it wants to maintain its sovereignty.

Pursuing autonomy and reducing dependence are necessary conditions for Europe to maintain its voice in the world and for the creation of quality jobs. Macron urges Davos attendees to maintain “lucid optimism” despite the difficulties.


Emmanuel Macron calls on Europe to invest heavily in priority technologies such as artificial intelligence, green energy and defense. He proposes to finance these investments through the issuance of Eurobonds, which has been a controversial issue in the past.

In addition, he stresses the need to advance EU capital market integration to promote better circulation of savings on the continent.

Macron believes that the pursuit of autonomy and the reduction of dependency are crucial to maintain Europe’s voice in the world and ensure the creation of quality jobs.