María Corina Machado’s Stance on the Esequibo Referendum: A Defining Moment for Venezuela’s Future

María Corina Machado’s Stance on the Esequibo Referendum: A Defining Moment for Venezuela’s Future

In the midst of Venezuela’s political turmoil, María Corina Machado, a prominent opposition candidate, has taken a strong stance on the Esequibo referendum. Machado firmly believes that the Esequibo region belongs to Venezuela, emphasizing the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

However, she criticizes the chavismo-led referendum, stating that “sovereignty is not subject to consultation but rather exercised.”

The Esequibo Dispute and Machado’s Stand

María Corina Machado has been a vocal advocate for Venezuelan sovereignty over the Esequibo region. She has previously presented proposals aimed at asserting Venezuela’s territorial rights in the area.

However, Machado places blame on the chavismo regime for jeopardizing the disputed territory. During a press conference in Barcelona, Anzoátegui, Machado affirmed, “The Esequibo belongs to Venezuela, but national sovereignty and territorial integrity are not subjects of consultation; they are exercised.”

The Esequibo dispute is a long-standing territorial conflict between Venezuela and Guyana. The region, which spans approximately 159,500 square kilometers, is rich in natural resources such as oil, gold, and timber.

Both countries claim historical rights to the Esequibo, with Venezuela insisting that the 1899 arbitration award, known as the Paris Agreement, was invalid due to alleged British coercion. Machado’s unwavering stance on Venezuelan ownership reflects the sentiments of many in the country.

Machado’s Critique of the Chavismo-led Referendum

While María Corina Machado acknowledges the importance of the Esequibo issue, she expresses criticism towards the chavismo-led referendum scheduled for December 3rd. Machado firmly believes that matters of national sovereignty should not be subject to popular consultation.

She argues that sovereignty is a right that should be exercised by the state, rather than decided upon through referendums.

Machado’s critique highlights the broader concern of the opposition regarding the fairness and transparency of the electoral process under the chavismo regime. The opposition has repeatedly accused the government of manipulating elections and suppressing dissent, leading to a lack of confidence in the electoral system. Machado’s firm stance against the referendum demonstrates her commitment to preserving Venezuela’s sovereignty while challenging the legitimacy of the current regime.

Uniting Venezuela Against Maduro

María Corina Machado recognizes the substantial challenge ahead for the opposition but remains optimistic about the upcoming presidential election. In a resolute tone, she asserts, “With or without sanctions, we will defeat Maduro in 2024.” Machado understands that her primary objective is to unite the Venezuelan people against a regime that has caused significant harm to the country.

The opposition candidate views the recent primaries, which saw a participation of 2.4 million people, as a historic event for Venezuelans. She acknowledges and appreciates the support of every citizen in this struggle for change. Winning the primaries with over 90% of the votes, Machado secured the united opposition’s nomination for the presidential election. However, the chavismo regime persists in claiming that she is ineligible for public office.

The Path Forward for Venezuela

María Corina Machado’s determination to fight for Venezuela’s future is evident in her unwavering commitment to the Esequibo issue and her resolve to defeat Maduro in the upcoming presidential election. She believes that the struggle against the regime extends beyond her candidacy and emphasizes the need for unity among Venezuelans.

As the election approaches, Machado aims to mobilize support, both domestically and internationally, for her cause. She seeks to garner backing from countries that share concerns over Venezuela’s democratic crisis and human rights violations. Additionally, she plans to develop comprehensive policies addressing the economic and social challenges faced by the Venezuelan people.


María Corina Machado’s stance on the Esequibo referendum reflects her steadfast commitment to Venezuela’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. While she affirms that the Esequibo belongs to Venezuela, she criticizes the chavismo-led referendum, asserting that sovereignty should not be subject to popular consultation.

Machado’s determination to defeat Maduro and unite the Venezuelan people against the regime defines her campaign for the upcoming presidential election. With her vision for a prosperous and democratic Venezuela, Machado seeks to rally support at home and abroad to bring about much-needed change.