McLaren Group on the Verge of New Ownership: What You Need to Know

McLaren Group on the Verge of New Ownership: What You Need to Know

The McLaren Group, renowned for its supercars and Formula 1 team, is on the cusp of a significant change in ownership. Shareholders have given the green light for Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund, Mumtalakat Holding Company, to take over the British automaker.

This move will see Mumtalakat gain control of McLaren Automotive as well as the successful McLaren Racing team in Formula 1. The proposed plan includes a full recapitalization of the McLaren Group, streamlining its share structure and governance process to facilitate future expansion into new markets.

McLaren Group’s Financial Struggles

Despite its reputation as a builder of exceptional supercars, McLaren Group has faced financial challenges in recent years. With sales of 2,500 vehicles in the previous year, the company has had to seek financial support from shareholders on multiple occasions. Bloomberg reports that the company incurred a £267 million ($339 million) loss in the first nine months of 2024.

This decline has been attributed to reduced vehicle sales and increased inventory.

McLaren’s Precursors to Restructuring

To address its financial woes, McLaren has taken several steps leading up to the proposed acquisition by Mumtalakat. In an effort to raise funds, the company sold 54 vehicles from its heritage car collection to Mumtalakat last year.

This strategic move served as a precursor to the current developments. In June, McLaren increased its stake by purchasing over $500 million worth of shares and warrants from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) and Ares Management. As a result, Mumtalakat’s ownership in McLaren rose to nearly 60%.

Role of Bahrain’s Sovereign Wealth Fund

Mumtalakat Holding Company, as Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund, already holds a majority stake in McLaren Group. With the proposed takeover, Mumtalakat aims to gain full control of the company.

Sky Sports reports that this transfer of ownership could occur as soon as this week. The wealth fund’s plan involves a comprehensive recapitalization of the McLaren Group, providing a strong foundation for future growth in terms of product offerings and brand presence.

Implications for McLaren’s Future

This potential change in ownership marks a significant milestone in McLaren’s ongoing transformation. The streamlined share structure and governance process proposed by Mumtalakat will enable McLaren to expand into new markets with greater ease.

The acquisition could herald the beginning of an exciting chapter for McLaren, positioning the company for further success in the supercar industry and Formula 1.


The McLaren Group’s imminent change in ownership, with Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund, Mumtalakat Holding Company, poised to take over, signals a new era for the British automaker. This proposed acquisition, accompanied by a comprehensive recapitalization, is expected to revitalize the company’s financial standing and bolster its potential for growth.

As McLaren prepares to embark on this new journey, the automotive world eagerly anticipates the exciting developments that lie ahead.