Microsoft and Málaga City Council Collaborate to Boost Digitization and Services to Citizens

In a groundbreaking move towards digital transformation and improved public services, Microsoft and Málaga City Council have joined forces to drive innovation and sustainability in the city.

This collaboration aims to leverage technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance the efficiency and quality of municipal services. Furthermore, the partnership emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity and data sovereignty in the cloud.

Advancing Digitalization and Sustainability

Málaga City Council and Microsoft are committed to positioning Málaga as a leading city in terms of digitalization and sustainability. The collaborative efforts will focus on implementing digital initiatives and projects that promote innovative public services, environmental sustainability, and the development of technological skills among the local population.

By embracing the latest technologies, the city aims to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of its services.

Empowering the Population with Technological Skills

As part of this collaboration, Microsoft will provide the City Council with the opportunity to offer technological training programs to the population. This initiative aims to enhance the digital skills and employability of the people of Málaga.

Microsoft’s support in capacity-building will empower individuals to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape and contribute to the city’s overall progress.

A Vision for Innovative and Secure Public Services

Microsoft’s technology will enable Málaga City Council to continuously improve its public services and transform the way they are managed.

By leveraging automation and streamlining administrative processes, the city aims to reduce bureaucracy and enhance the overall citizen experience. Microsoft’s solutions will provide a comprehensive view of citizens’ needs and interactions with the municipality, facilitating personalized and efficient service delivery.

Security is a vital aspect of this digitalization process. Microsoft offers robust cloud solutions that adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring data privacy, security, and compliance with regulations.

Málaga City Council will benefit from Microsoft’s cloud platform, which provides resilience, scalability, and control over data residency. This partnership will enable the city to maintain a secure and transparent management framework.

Prioritizing Cybersecurity and Zero Trust

As part of the collaboration, Málaga City Council and Microsoft will launch projects focused on cybersecurity, particularly the zero trust approach. The objective is to evaluate tools and technologies that can prevent, protect, and respond to cyber threats and incidents effectively.

By prioritizing cybersecurity, the city aims to create a safe digital environment for its residents and establish itself as a model for other municipalities.

Promoting Sustainability and Planning for the Future

Sustainability is another crucial element of the collaboration between Málaga City Council and Microsoft. Together, they will evaluate policies, strategies, and indicators to ensure the city’s long-term sustainability.

By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, the partners aim to develop innovative solutions that address environmental challenges and create a more sustainable future for Málaga.

Microsoft Learn: Empowering Lifelong Learning

As part of the collaboration, Málaga City Council will gain access to Microsoft Learn, an online learning platform. With Microsoft Learn, the council can offer free technology training to individuals interested in enhancing their skills and employability.

This initiative will enable the residents of Málaga to acquire the knowledge they need to thrive in the digital age and contribute to the city’s growth.


The collaboration between Málaga City Council and Microsoft represents a significant milestone in the journey towards digital transformation and improved public services.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and prioritizing cybersecurity, sustainability, and citizen empowerment, the partners are paving the way for a more innovative, efficient, and inclusive municipality.

This collaboration not only benefits the residents of Málaga but also sets an example for other cities aspiring to embrace digitalization and enhance their citizens’ quality of life.