Miting Internacional Catalunya: A Showcase of Athletic Excellence

Miting Internacional Catalunya: A Showcase of Athletic Excellence

The Miting Internacional Catalunya, held in Sabadell, Spain, is set to showcase the incredible talent of over 260 athletes from 42 countries. This prestigious event, taking place on Saturday, is not only an opportunity for athletes to kickstart their season but also a chance to qualify for the Indoor World Championships in Glasgow or gain valuable points for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

With a star-studded lineup featuring some of Spain’s top athletes, the Miting Internacional Catalunya promises to be a thrilling competition.

A Platform for Spanish Athletics Stars

Miting Internacional Catalunya will witness the debut of several renowned Spanish athletes as they begin their 2024 season.

Athletes like Esther Guerrero, Adrián Ben, Óscar Husillos, Mariano García, Jaël Bestué, Jaime Guerra, Águeda Marqués, Eva Santidrián, Fátima Diame, Tessy Ebosele, Lorea Ibarzabal, Lorena Martín, Xènia Benach, and Mohamed Attaoui will take center stage and aim to make their mark in the competition. Notably, Óscar Husillos, the reigning European champion in Torún 2021, will be among the notable participants in Sabadell.

“The Miting Internacional Catalunya provides a fantastic platform for athletes to showcase their skills and set the tone for the season ahead.” – Xavier Gonzálvez-AMAT

A History of Excellence

Miting Internacional Catalunya has a rich history of attracting top-level athletes. In the previous edition, 42 participants also competed in the European Championships in Istanbul, further highlighting the caliber of this competition. This event, driven by the Federació Catalana de Atletisme, has consistently demonstrated its potential to nurture and showcase athletic talent.

To honor the memory of Carme Valero, the most illustrious athlete from Sabadell, the city council will seek approval to rename the current venue, Pista Coberta de Catalunya, to Pista Coberta Carme Valero. Carme Valero, who sadly passed away on January 2nd at the age of 68, will forever be remembered for her remarkable contributions to the sport.

“Renaming the venue to Pista Coberta Carme Valero is a fitting tribute to an extraordinary athlete who brought pride to Sabadell.” – Xavier Gonzálvez-AMAT

Exciting Showdowns and Rising Stars

Among the highly anticipated events of the day is the men’s 1,500m race, where Adrián Ben, the reigning European indoor champion in the 800m, will face off against one of Spain’s brightest talents, Mohamed Attaoui.

At just 21 years old, Attaoui has already made a name for himself by reaching the semifinals of the World Championships in Budapest in the 800m. Isaac Nader, a Portuguese athlete based in Soria, and Ethiopian Melese Nberet will also pose formidable challenges in the race.

Presence of Mariano García, fondly known as “la moto,” in the 800m race is expected to attract a large following. Competing against internationally acclaimed athletes like British runner Guy Learmonth, Moroccan athlete Abdelati El Guesse, and Ugandan athlete Tom Dradriga, Mariano Garcia will undoubtedly add to the excitement of the competition.

“The Miting Internacional Catalunya promises thrilling matchups and the emergence of new talents, making it a must-watch event for athletics enthusiasts.” – Xavier Gonzálvez-AMAT

In the women’s 1,500m race, a captivating duel is anticipated between Esther Guerrero and Águeda Marqués, two international runners with aspirations for the Paris Olympics. Lorea Ibarzabal, alongside her training partner Lorena Martín from Valladolid, will be the ones to watch in the 800m race as they begin their Olympic campaign on a positive note.

Competition will also witness the exceptional talent of Italian long jumper Larisa Iapichino, who, at just 21 years old, is considered the most promising long jumper in the world. She will face tough competition from Spanish powerhouses Fátima Diame and Tessy Ebosele, who have dominated the event.

Where to Watch

Athletics enthusiasts can catch the Miting Internacional Catalunya live on Teledeporte and Esport3, starting at 17:03h. The event promises to be a thrilling showcase of athletic excellence, as athletes from around the world compete for glory and the opportunity to represent their countries on the global stage.

“The Miting Internacional Catalunya is a testament to the power of athletics in bringing people together and inspiring the next generation of athletes.” – Xavier Gonzálvez-AMAT

As the Miting Internacional Catalunya approaches, anticipation grows for the exhilarating competitions and the emergence of new stars. This event serves as a reminder of the immense talent and dedication within the world of athletics, and it will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on both athletes and spectators alike. So mark your calendars and get ready to witness greatness at the Miting Internacional Catalunya in Sabadell!