New social network Threads and its controversial stance against cannabis and alcohol

Meta’s new platform, Threads, has generated controversy since its launch due to its stance on cannabis and alcohol.

Although this social network presents itself as an innovative alternative, its policy on content related to these substances has drawn the attention of the community.

What is Threads?

Threads is a social network that has quickly gained popularity, with over 10 million downloads in its first few hours of launch. This platform, created by former Facebook employees, has been seen as a potential threat to Twitter, triggering a dispute between Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms.

At first glance, Threads looks like a promising social network, with similar features to Twitter. But, its stance on cannabis and psychoactive-related content has generated controversy and raised interesting questions about its intentions.

What is Threads’ stance on cannabis?

Threads’ policy on cannabis and psychoactives has been the subject of criticism and questioning. When searching for words like “marijuana,” “psychedelics,” or “fentanyl,” users are given a stern warning about the risks and illegality of these substances. In addition, they are offered the option of getting help through confidential treatment and prevention referrals.

This policy of flagging drug-related content has been seen by some as an attempt to protect Threads users. However, it has been noted that the flagging system appears to be misaligned, as it does not issue similar warnings when searching for terms other terms such as “beer,” “cigarettes,” or “liquor.”

This apparent double standard has raised concerns and led to questions about whether there is a racist undertone to Threads’ stance. While the word “marijuana” raises suspicions, the word “cannabis” does not seem to generate the same reaction, which could have racist undertones.

The relationship between Threads and alcohol

A relevant aspect of Threads’ stance is its treatment of alcohol-related content. Unlike its stance on cannabis, no warnings are issued or help offered when searching for information on “beer,” “spirits,” or “alcohol.”

This difference in the treatment of potentially problematic substances raises questions about the consistency and ethics of Threads. Why is content related to cannabis and psychoactives flagged, but the same is not done for alcohol? This lack of fairness is generating strong criticism from users and has called into question the integrity of the social network.

What is the impact of Threads policies?

Threads content policies have a significant impact on users and the perception of the platform. By flagging and discouraging the search for information about cannabis and psychoactives, Threads influences how these substances are perceived and how users make decisions.

On the other hand, the lack of consistency in Threads’ content policies, by not applying the same warnings when searching for information about alcohol, raises countless doubts about the fairness and impartiality of the social network.

This raises the need for further reflection on the implications of these policies and their impact on users.


The new social network Threads has generated controversy with its stance on cannabis and alcohol.

Its policy of flagging drug-related content has been questioned due to apparent double standards in the treatment of cannabis. While warnings are issued and help is offered when seeking information on cannabis, the same is not done with alcohol.

Today, social networks play an important role in disseminating information and forming opinions, so it is essential to be aware of the policies and positions of these platforms.