Noah Lyles: The New Sprinting Sensation Following Usain Bolt’s Footsteps

Noah Lyles: The New Sprinting Sensation Following Usain Bolt’s Footsteps

The world of athletics has always been dominated by extraordinary individuals who redefine the boundaries of human capabilities. One such promising athlete is Noah Lyles, whose exceptional prowess in sprinting is now drawing parallels with the legendary Usain Bolt.

A Star is Born

Born on July 18, 1997, Noah Lyles has always been exceptional. His meteoric rise in the world of athletics began at a young age, and by the tender age of 26, he was already a force to be reckoned with on the tracks.

The Fastest Man in the World

Lyles has established himself as the world’s fastest man. His extraordinary performance at the 2023 Athletics World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, where he won gold in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay, cemented his status as the fastest man on the planet.

The Adidas Contract

Adding to his growing list of achievements, Lyles recently signed a lucrative contract with global sports brand Adidas. This agreement is reportedly the largest for an athlete since Usain Bolt’s deal with Puma, further drawing comparisons between the two sprinting giants.

Olympic Dreams

Like Bolt, Lyles also has his eyes set on the Olympic glory. His aim is to emulate Bolt’s triple gold triumph at the upcoming Paris Olympics. He is still contemplating whether to participate in the 4x400m relay, a decision that could potentially see him equal the historic four-gold feat of Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis.

A Bolt Rivalry?

Lyles’s rivalry with Bolt is not just limited to their athletic prowess. On several occasions, Lyles has made public statements and social media posts that hint at a challenge to Bolt’s records. His custom-made shoes, inscribed with ‘World Record’ and ‘19.10’, clearly point towards Bolt’s 200m record.

A Dream Come True

Lyles’s journey with Adidas is not new. He first signed with the brand in 2016, along with his brother Josephus. The recent contract is a continuation of that dream, as Lyles put it, reaffirming his deep connection with the brand.

Beyond the Tracks

Lyles’s persona extends beyond the running tracks. He runs his own YouTube channel, which boasts over 107,000 subscribers. He also collaborates with a creative agency that helps him manage his content and brand associations, which include names like Omega and Visa.


Noah Lyles is not just a promising athlete; he’s a brand, a youth icon, and a sensation both on and off the tracks. As he gears up to challenge Bolt’s records, the world eagerly waits to see if he can become the next ‘Fastest Man on Earth’.