President Petro defends his brother against corruption accusations

Colombian President Gustavo Petro came out in defense of his brother and a high-ranking official in his government after an accusation was filed implicating them in an alleged bribery case.

According to Revista Cambio, a political leader allegedly asked for bribes on their behalf in exchange for handing over assets that were seized by the State from drug traffickers.

Petro’s position

On his Twitter account, President Petro flatly denied the accusations and called the conservative politician an “old-fashioned swindler”. This is not the first time Petro has faced political problems due to allegations against his family members.

His brother, Juan Fernando Petro is being investigated for possible payments from drug traffickers, while his eldest son, Nicolás Petro, faces an investigation for alleged money laundering and illicit enrichment.

Details of the complaint

According to Revista Cambio, a Medellín politician allegedly solicited bribes from clients interested in million-dollar properties. These bribes were allegedly intended for the president’s brother and Daniel Rojas, director of Sociedad de Activos Especiales (SAE), in order to expedite the sale of assets seized from drug traffickers.

In one of the cases cited by the magazine, a complainant claimed to have given the woman $150,000 for the president’s brother, who was allegedly the liaison with SAE, in order to acquire an apartment that belonged to Francisco Iván Cifuentes Villa, pilot of the famous drug trafficker Pablo Escobar.

According to the complainant, the woman presented herself as a directive of the Latin American Commission of Human Rights, in which Juan Fernando Petro is peace commissioner.

Responses from those involved

Both the president’s brother and the director of the SAE have denied any participation in the events. The president’s brother affirmed that they are using his name and was upset by the situation.

For his part, Daniel Rojas, director of SAE, defended himself on his Twitter account and stated that he will act as a victim if his name has been misused.

In a statement issued before the publication of the complaint, SAE warned about public allegations of bribes for the delivery of goods and emphasized that no official or external person is authorized to charge money to third parties to access assets of the entity.


President Gustavo Petro has come out in defense of his brother and the director of SAE against the bribery allegations made by Revista Cambio. Both the president’s brother and the director of SAE have denied any participation in the facts and have affirmed that they are being misused. The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating these cases to clarify the truth.

It is important to note that these accusations are not the first ones faced by President Petro in relation to his family members. However, a thorough investigation is necessary to determine the veracity of the allegations and to take the corresponding actions in case evidence of corruption is found.

In a country where corruption has been a historical problem, it is essential that the authorities demonstrate transparency and guarantee due process in these cases. Citizens’ trust in institutions and their leaders depends on rigorous action and punishment for any act of corruption, regardless of who is involved.

The fight against corruption must be a priority in any government and it is the responsibility of all citizens to demand and support transparency in public management. Only in this way will we be able to build a more just and equitable country for all.