Renault Introduces the Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid: A New Era of Sustainable Driving

Renault Introduces the Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid: A New Era of Sustainable Driving

Renault, a prominent multinational automotive manufacturer, has recently announced the opening of orders for the highly anticipated Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid.

This cutting-edge vehicle will be manufactured at the state-of-the-art plant in Villamuriel de Cerrato, Palencia. With the first deliveries scheduled for the summer of 2024, Renault is set to revolutionize the market with its latest addition to the hybrid SUV lineup.

Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid: A Blend of Innovation and Sustainability

Renault’s Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid is set to redefine the concept of sustainable driving. The vehicle boasts a starting price of €43,100 for the techno version and €47,600 for the esprit Alpine version. With its two levels of equipment, techno and esprit Alpine, and a powerful 200 CV hybrid engine, the Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid offers an unparalleled combination of performance and fuel efficiency.

The company proudly claims that this SUV coupe possesses the best performance-to-consumption ratio in its segment, with a remarkable fuel consumption of 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers and CO2 emissions of 105 grams per kilometer.

Renault’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the design and engineering of the Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid. By leveraging advanced hybrid technology, Renault has created a vehicle that not only reduces fuel consumption and emissions but also offers an enhanced driving experience.

The company’s investment in cutting-edge manufacturing processes and equipment guarantees the highest levels of quality and performance for both the vehicle and its components1.

Manufacturing Excellence: Renault’s Partnership with Palencia Plant

Renault’s decision to produce the Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid at the Villamuriel de Cerrato plant in Palencia is a testament to the plant’s expertise and capabilities. As the flagship model for Renault in terms of technology, innovation, and quality, the Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid required significant investments to ensure its successful production.

To meet the demands of manufacturing this state-of-the-art vehicle, the Palencia plant has undergone extensive upgrades. Notably, the installation of two ultramodern calibration benches ensures the precise adjustment of the vehicle’s cutting-edge electronic systems.

Additionally, Renault’s R&D center in Valladolid, along with the Bodywork and Engine Factories in Valladolid and the Factory in Sevilla, have collaborated to facilitate the industrialization and production of the Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid1.

The Palencia plant’s role in the production of the Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid further solidifies Spain’s position as a leading hub for hybrid vehicle manufacturing. Together with the Austral and Espace models, the Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid proudly represents the ‘Made in Spain’ label, born from Renault Group’s Hybridization Pole in Spain.

An Exciting Future: The E-Tech 4×4 Version

Renault’s commitment to innovation does not stop with the Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid. The company has also confirmed plans to introduce the E-Tech 4×4 version later this year. This high-performance variant, boasting 300 CV, will provide an exhilarating driving experience for those seeking an even more dynamic ride.


Renault’s introduction of the Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry. With its blend of innovation, sustainability, and exceptional performance, this hybrid SUV sets a new standard for eco-friendly driving.

The partnership between Renault and the Palencia plant showcases Spain’s capabilities in hybrid vehicle manufacturing and reinforces Renault’s commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology and manufacturing excellence.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Renault remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering vehicles that not only meet customers’ expectations but also contribute to a greener future. The Rafale E-tech Full Hybrid is a testament to Renault’s dedication to sustainable mobility and its mission to drive progress in the automotive sector.