Republicans Launch Impeachment Investigation Against Joe Biden: What You Need to Know

Republicans Launch Impeachment Investigation Against Joe Biden: What You Need to Know

In a move that has further intensified the political divide in the United States, Republicans have officially launched an impeachment investigation against President Joe Biden. The investigation, which has been ongoing for years, aims to determine if Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s business dealings could potentially implicate the President.

While no solid evidence of President Biden’s involvement in his family’s businesses or any illegal activities has emerged, Republicans have pushed for a formal inquiry to dig deeper into the matter.


Republican offensive against Hunter Biden’s business dealings gained momentum when they took control of the House of Representatives in January. However, it wasn’t until March, when former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy ordered a formal impeachment investigation, that the probe gained more legitimacy.

The recent vote in the House has further solidified the investigation, granting the committees involved greater power to issue subpoenas and conduct hearings.

The Debate

Unsurprisingly, the vote in the House sparked a heated debate between representatives from both parties. Democrats accused their Republican counterparts of using the investigation as a distraction from their failure to pass meaningful legislation since taking control of the House almost a year ago.

On the other hand, Republicans continued to voice their suspicions regarding the Bidens’ activities. Representative Jim McGovern, a Democrat, referred to the investigation as an “extreme political maneuver without credibility, legitimacy, or integrity.”

The Resolution

Resolution passed by the House orders relevant committees to continue their ongoing investigations into whether there are sufficient grounds to impeach President Joe Biden. It grants these committees the power to issue subpoenas, conduct interviews, and hold hearings.

It’s important to note that Republicans have clarified that this is not yet the actual impeachment process but rather a preliminary investigation.

Voting Results

The resolution received 221 votes in favor from Republicans, with 212 Democrats voting against it.

House’s decision highlights the deep partisan divide on this issue, with Republicans unified in their support of the investigation and Democrats standing firm in their opposition.

White House’s Response

In response to the House vote, President Joe Biden issued a statement denouncing the Republicans’ focus on the investigation instead of addressing pressing issues such as aid to Ukraine and Israel or other important domestic policies.

He expressed his disappointment in the lack of cooperation from Republican representatives and accused them of spreading lies. President Biden emphasized his commitment to tackling the real challenges faced by the American people and criticized the Republicans’ political maneuvering. He stated, “The American people deserve better.”

Hunter Biden’s Testimony

Before the House session, Hunter Biden, the central figure in the investigation, appeared outside the Capitol. He was scheduled to testify before the committees investigating the potential connection between his business activities and his father, but he declined to do so behind closed doors. Instead, he offered to participate in a public hearing, a proposal that was rejected by Republicans.

Hunter Biden seized the opportunity to defend himself against the allegations, stating that his father had no financial involvement in his business ventures, whether as a practicing lawyer, a board member of Burisma (a Ukrainian energy company), or through his partnership with a Chinese businessman.

Hunter Biden acknowledged his past financial irresponsibility during his struggles with addiction but vehemently denied that it warranted an impeachment investigation. He made it clear that there is no evidence to support claims of his father’s financial involvement in his business ventures.

Republican Strategy

Republicans have rallied behind the investigation, but it’s important to note that this is still a preliminary stage and not the actual impeachment process targeting the President. The Republican strategy seems to be centered on extending the investigation until close to the next elections, scheduled for November 2025.

Former President Donald Trump, driven by both personal vendetta and a desire to counter the legal challenges he faces, is determined to see President Biden impeached.

White House’s Perspective

White House has dismissed the entire impeachment investigation as a baseless fishing expedition. They have criticized Republicans for proceeding with the investigation despite members of their own party admitting that there is no evidence to support President Biden’s impeachment.

Congress investigators have obtained thousands of pages of bank records and conducted interviews with key witnesses, including high-ranking officials from the Department of Justice.

However, no connection between President Biden and his son’s alleged wrongdoings has been uncovered.


The impeachment investigation against President Joe Biden initiated by Republicans has further polarized the political landscape in the United States. While Republicans are determined to dig deeper into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, no concrete evidence implicating President Biden has been presented.

Investigation is still in its preliminary stage, and the true motives behind it remain a point of contention. As the investigation continues, its impact on the Biden administration and the nation as a whole will become clearer.

Only time will reveal the ultimate outcome of this divisive and politically charged process.