Resurgence of the Diamond Market: A Glittering Comeback

The diamond industry, once plagued by a drop in prices and low demand, is making a dazzling comeback.

After a period of halted transactions, the world’s two largest diamond miners, Alrosa and De Beers, have resumed selling gems, signaling a positive shift in the market.

Diamond Drought

In recent months, the diamond market experienced a drought as industry leaders took drastic measures to combat the decline in prices and demand. Alrosa, a Russian company, made the first move by halting all sales for two months starting in September.

Following suit, De Beers, a South African-British outfit, suspended all online auctions for rough diamonds in October. India, responsible for cutting and polishing 90 percent of the world’s rough diamonds, also implemented a two-month import pause in September. Furthermore, Botswana’s Okavango Diamond Company canceled its November and December auctions.

Strategy Pays Off

This decision to pause sales and auctions proved successful for the diamond miners. Sales have resumed, and there have been notable price gains in the market. Alrosa, for instance, began offloading rough diamonds again at the end of November, with a total value exceeding $100 million.

De Beers also resumed sales and has sold a similar amount of rough diamonds. It’s worth noting that De Beers allows its customers to refuse any gems they are contracted to buy. Additionally, India’s diamond industry recently announced the lifting of the voluntary ban on imports due to improved market conditions.

Pandemic’s Impact

Industry of diamond initially experienced a surge in demand at the start of the pandemic as collectors sought solace in purchasing luxury goods from the comfort of their homes. However, this trend was short-lived as the economic headwinds deterred shoppers, particularly in the United States and China. Adding to the challenges, lab-grown diamonds gained popularity, further impacting the demand for natural diamonds.

As a result, many diamond purveyors found themselves burdened with excess stock acquired at high prices. To address this issue, the decision was made to cut supply in hopes of stimulating demand. De Beers, known for stockpiling goods to stabilize prices, employed this strategy to prevent further decline.

Road to Recovery

While there have been price gains for rough diamonds, experts remain cautious due to the large stockpiles held by miners. The industry’s recovery is contingent upon the strength of sales during the crucial holiday season and beyond. With Valentine’s Day approaching, industry players have less than two months to capitalize on the market.

As the global economy slowly recovers from the pandemic’s impact, the diamond market’s resilience will be tested.


Diamond market, once plagued by low demand and a drop in prices, is experiencing a resurgence. The world’s two largest diamond miners, Alrosa and De Beers, have successfully navigated the challenges by pausing sales and auctions, allowing for a recovery in prices and resumption of transactions.

While the industry still faces uncertainties, the lifting of bans and improved market conditions provide a glimmer of hope. As shoppers prepare for Valentine’s Day, the diamond market awaits a glittering comeback.