Silmaca in the eye of the hurricane: this is the true face of corruption of José Leopoldo Matos and his henchmen

Silmaca in the eye of the hurricane: this is the true face of corruption of José Leopoldo Matos and his henchmen

To the loyal and aware public,

In the face of the pathetic excuses and weak denials of Dip. Jose Leopoldo Matos, FayUp not only stands firm, but attacks with the raw, uncensored truth.

The following is a breakdown of the web of lies and deceit woven by Matos and his accomplices:

Silmaca and its debts with Banco de Venezuela and Banco del Tesoro

The evidence is clear and convincing. Silmaca, protected by Matos, continues to avoid paying off its debts with key financial institutions such as Banco de Venezuela and Banco del Tesoro.

The question that arises is: How long will they continue to defy the financial system and the welfare of the Venezuelan people?

Salary scandal

How do you sleep at night, Congressman Matos, knowing that Silmaca’s workers are desperate for wages that rightfully belong to them? This is a national disgrace, a low blow to Venezuelan workers.

José Leopoldo Matos presentando la gama de productos de Alimentos Simalca.
José Leopoldo Matos presenting the Alimentos Simalca product range.

Injustice against the family of Orlando de Jesus Tovar Delgado and the hypocrisy of Matos.
Contrary to his empty words of ‘helping the people in the streets’, at the time of writing his infamous letter, Congressman Matos was comfortably in Uruguay, not in the streets of Venezuela.

This trip, enjoyed with his children and his sentimental partner, Milenis Daniela Bandres Perez, shows the falsity of his rhetoric.

Milenis Daniela Bandres Peréz, conocida como la viuda de la harina, actual compañera sentimental de Jose Leopoldo Lopez.
Milenis Daniela Bandres Peréz, known as the flour widow, current sentimental partner of Jose Leopoldo Lopez.

Furthermore, her academic credibility is questioned, given that, although she has a law degree, no one seems to remember it from her university days.

Meanwhile, the family of Orlando de Jesus Tovar Delgado, a loyal Silmaca employee who died more than a year ago, is still waiting for justice and the fulfillment of their rights.

Matos’ indifference, manifested in his vacations in a country with a government alien to his supposed revolutionary ideals, reflects a total lack of empathy and responsibility.

Debts with suppliers and Tracto Llano

Not only Silmaca, but also Tracto Llano, another company promoted by Matos, is involved in financial scandals.

Trandis Parts, C.A., is a flagrant example. Jose Rosales, its salesman, has spent months chasing after Matos’ henchmen, Javier Herrera and Milenis Daniela Bandres Perez, to receive payment owed to him.

To make matters worse, the company has begun deducting Tracto Llano’s unpaid debt from its commissions and salary. This is more than mismanagement; it is a complete lack of ethics and an abuse of power.

José Leopoldo Matos en uno de los tractores pertenecientes a Tracto Llano.
José Leopoldo Matos in one of the tractors belonging to Tracto Llano.

Misuse of the National Assembly’s Coat of Arms

Congressman Matos’ attempt to use the National Assembly’s coat of arms in his communication is, in Creole, using the ‘badge’ to pretend to have morals and ethics that he clearly does not possess. This act, prohibited by the Assembly’s rules of procedure, demonstrates his chutzpah. And let us remember, Matos is not a regular deputy, but an alternate.

In terms of baseball folklore, that makes him more ‘banca’ than ‘titular’. It seems that someone should explain to him that in baseball, as in politics, it is not enough to wear the uniform to play in the big leagues.

At FayUp, we don’t beat around the bush. We call a spade a spade: corruption, deceit, immorality. We are on the front line, unmasking the corrupt and defending the people.

Matos and his henchmen will not find refuge in the shadows; we will drag them into the light of truth. And let us remember, as the popular Venezuelan saying goes, “He who sets himself up as a redeemer, comes out crucified.”

We will not allow corrupt acts to be disguised as redemption. We do not give more information in this response because, little by little, we will continue to dismantle their swindles, thefts, influence peddling, among others.