Spain’s Women’s Soccer Team Unleashes a Goal-Scoring Gale on Its Way to the Paris Games

Spain’s Women’s Soccer Team Unleashes a Goal-Scoring Gale on Its Way to the Paris Games

Spain’s women’s soccer team continues to make history as they dominate the field, scoring goal after goal and securing their place in the ‘final four’ of the Paris Games. Since their defeat against Japan on July 31st, the team has not lost a single match.

 Their journey towards success began with the World Cup victory and has gained momentum as they set their sights on the Olympic Games. Despite the challenges posed by the demanding UEFA Nations League, the Spanish team remains unstoppable.

Led by coach Montse Tomé, who has yet to taste defeat, they have triumphed over their opponents in a series of impressive victories. Switzerland, in particular, felt the full force of Spain’s offensive prowess, conceding a staggering 12 goals in just over a month.

With a star on their chest, the Spanish team is now on the verge of securing their place in the ‘final four’ after Sweden’s draw with Italy (1-1).

A Tremendous Start

Switzerland found themselves caught off guard within the first five minutes of the match. Tere Abelleira’s corner kick found Oihane Hernández unmarked at the far post, allowing her to score the opening goal.

Switzerland had fallen into the trap of crowding the near post, leaving Hernandez with ample space to head the ball into the net. Before they could recover from this initial blow, Alexia Putellas struck again.

Salma Paralluelo’s cross from the byline found the Spanish captain in the heart of the penalty area, and she made no mistake in doubling Spain’s lead. Sensing the impending humiliation, the Swiss players huddled together on the pitch, desperately trying to regroup.

A Momentary Lull

The champions of the world experienced a brief dip in their performance, allowing Switzerland’s Lehmann and Piuler to create some problems for Spain’s goalkeeper, Misa. Coach Tomé knew adjustments needed to be made to reinvigorate her team and get them back on the offensive. The breakthrough came with the third goal, a well-executed header by María Méndez from Abelleira’s corner kick. Shortly after, Alexia Putellas converted a penalty kick, earned by Salma Paralluelo, who had been causing havoc in the Swiss defense.

Despite Switzerland’s attempt to disguise their impending defeat with a goal that exploited a gap in Spain’s defense, it was clear that victory was beyond their reach.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

The Spanish team’s hunger for more goals was insatiable. Alexia Putellas stole the ball in the penalty area and delivered a cross that Athenea headed into the net, adding to Switzerland’s misery. Salma Paralluelo, taking advantage of a shaky Swiss defense, managed to get a shot off in a tight angle, only to be denied by the crossbar.

She found solace in providing an assist to Athenea, whose left-footed strike further inflated the scoreline. The final blow came from Maite Oroz, who rounded off the emphatic victory with a well-taken goal.

Overcoming Adversity

The celebration was bittersweet, as Irene Paredes was unable to join the party for her 100th international appearance. A technical glitch prevented Tomé from submitting the lineup to UEFA in time, echoing a similar situation in the match against Italy, where Paredes was also absent.

Even Amaiur, who had been part of the squad but withdrawn due to injury after the match in Salerno, was affected by the mix-up. Despite the disappointment, Paredes will have the opportunity to be honored in Pontevedra on December 1st, when Spain faces Italy. María Méndez, who stepped up in Paredes’ absence, seized the chance to make her mark with a well-deserved goal.


Spain’s women’s soccer team continues its remarkable journey towards the Paris Games, displaying an unrivaled goal-scoring ability that leaves their opponents in awe. With an undefeated streak since their defeat against Japan and a series of impressive victories, they have firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Coach Montse Tomé’s leadership has been instrumental in the team’s success, and their performance against Switzerland further solidified their place in the ‘final four’.

As they march towards the Paris Games, Spain’s women’s soccer team is poised to make history once again, setting their sights on claiming the ultimate prize.