Special Program: How the PP can redirect the electoral campaign in Galicia

Special Program: How the PP can redirect the electoral campaign in Galicia

Galicia’s election campaign has been the subject of national attention due to its potential impact on national politics. The Partido Popular (PP) is in a crucial situation, as its absolute majority in the Xunta de Galicia is at stake.

PP’s change of position on a possible pardon for Puigdemont

One of the most relevant issues that has emerged during the campaign is the PP’s change of position regarding a possible pardon for Puigdemont. This issue has generated controversy and has been the subject of debate in Galicia.

In this regard, we will count on the participation of prominent journalists and political analysts to analyze this issue in depth. Among them are Berna González Harbour and Sonia Vizoso, journalists from EL PAÍS, and Daniel Junquera, journalist from Cadena SER. We will also count with the presence of Carlos Domínguez, analyst of 40dB, Cristina Monge, political scientist, and José Miguel Contreras, professor of Communication.

Analysis of the political activity and campaign issues

In addition to the issue of the pardon to Puigdemont, the program will analyze the political activity and issues of the election campaign in Galicia. Political correspondents from different media will comment on the most relevant events and offer their views on the issues that are marking the campaign.

During the program, issues such as the proposals of the different parties, campaign strategies, the economic and social situation of Galicia, and other topics of interest to Galicians will be discussed. The objective is to offer a complete and objective view of what is happening in the election campaign.

Importance of the Galician elections for national politics

Elections in Galicia are of great importance for national politics. The result of these elections can condition politics in Galicia and have repercussions at the national level. In this sense, the PP is playing for its absolute majority in the Xunta de Galicia, which could have a significant impact on the Spanish political landscape.

The objective is to inform citizens in an objective and rigorous manner about the political events and issues at stake in these elections.


Electoral campaign in Galicia is presented as a crucial moment for the PP, which is playing for its absolute majority in the Xunta de Galicia. In this special program, we have analyzed how the PP can redirect its strategy and strengthen its position in the election campaign.