In a groundbreaking move towards the future of transportation, Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki has recently made additional investments in SkyDrive, a company dedicated to the development of flying cars.

This investment comes as part of an agreement initiated in March 2022 and signed in October of the same year. Suzuki’s commitment to this partnership is a testament to their dedication to innovation and the pursuit of cutting-edge technology.

Partnership: Suzuki and SkyDrive

Suzuki’s investment in SkyDrive is a testament to their forward-thinking approach and their belief in the potential of flying car technology. The additional investments were made through the allocation of shares to third parties in December 2023. With this investment, Suzuki aims to support SkyDrive in the development and manufacturing of their first flying car, the SkyDrive (SD-05), which is expected to begin production in the spring of this year.

The manufacturing of the SkyDrive will take place at Suzuki’s fully owned facility in Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. This collaboration between Suzuki and SkyDrive will not only propel the development of flying cars but will also establish Suzuki as a key player in the emerging market of futuristic transportation.

Showcasing the Future: SkyDrive’s Prototype Exhibition

To showcase the potential of their partnership and the progress made in flying car development, Suzuki and SkyDrive will jointly exhibit the prototype at the Global Trade Fair in Gujarat, India. This exhibition will provide a platform for both companies to demonstrate their technological advancements and foster further exploration of business opportunities in India.

The exhibition will highlight the innovative features and capabilities of the SkyDrive prototype, capturing the imagination of industry experts, potential investors, and the general public. This significant event will solidify Suzuki and SkyDrive’s position as pioneers in the field of flying car technology.

Expanding Horizons: Suzuki’s New Production Plant in India

In addition to the collaboration with SkyDrive, Suzuki has announced plans to build a new production plant in Gujarat, India. This ambitious project will involve an investment of 350,000 million rupees (approximately 3,848 million euros) and is expected to commence operations in the fiscal year 2028-2029.

The plant will have a production capacity of one million units, showcasing Suzuki’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for their vehicles.

Furthermore, Suzuki will establish a fourth production line at the Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited (SMG) plant. This expansion, with an investment of 32,000 million rupees (approximately 351,896 euros), is projected to be available starting from the fiscal year 2026.

The addition of this production line will further enhance Suzuki’s ability to meet the evolving needs of the Indian market and solidify their position as a leading automotive manufacturer in the region.


Suzuki’s investment in SkyDrive and the subsequent collaboration in flying car development demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries of transportation innovation. By supporting the development of the SkyDrive prototype and showcasing it at the Global Trade Fair in India, Suzuki is at the forefront of the race to transform the way we travel.

Furthermore, Suzuki’s plans for a new production plant in Gujarat and the expansion of their existing facility highlight their dedication to meeting the growing demand for their vehicles and their commitment to the Indian market. As Suzuki continues to invest in cutting-edge technology and expand their manufacturing capabilities, they are well-positioned to lead the way in the automotive industry of the future.

With their forward-thinking approach and strategic partnerships, Suzuki is poised to redefine the concept of transportation, making flying cars a reality for generations to come. As the world eagerly awaits the launch of the SkyDrive prototype and the opening of Suzuki’s new production plant, the future of transportation has never looked more promising.