Tech Companies Compete for OpenAI Employees Amidst Company Crisis

In a surprising turn of events, OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research lab, is facing a major crisis. The recent dismissal of Sam Altman, the former CEO of OpenAI, has caused a wave of turmoil within the company.

As a result, employees are expressing their dissatisfaction and threatening to resign if changes are not made. This situation has led to a unique opportunity for tech companies to swoop in and recruit top talent from OpenAI.

Dismissal of Sam Altman

Mira Murati, the Chief Technology Officer of OpenAI, has been appointed as the interim CEO following the dismissal of Sam Altman. However, Murati’s tenure was short-lived as she openly expressed her opposition to Altman’s termination.

In a letter signed by over 95% of OpenAI employees, they demanded the resignation of the current board members and threatened to leave if Altman was not reinstated. This display of solidarity among the employees has created a significant challenge for the independent board members who have taken control of the company.

The Employee Rebellion

Letter signed by 738 of the approximately 770 OpenAI employees has caused a stir within the company. The employees are frustrated with the actions of the board members, accusing them of lacking competence, judgment, and care for the company’s mission and employees.

They have expressed their intention to resign and join a newly announced Microsoft subsidiary led by Sam Altman and Greg Brockman. Microsoft has openly stated its willingness to hire any OpenAI employee who decides to leave the company.

This offer has attracted the attention of other tech giants, including Salesforce and Nvidia.

Tech Companies Compete for OpenAI Employees

Microsoft, with its deep pockets and vast resources, has made a clear statement that it is ready to hire OpenAI employees. This move is almost like acquiring the company without paying for it and without facing scrutiny from competition authorities.

The announcement of Altman and Brockman joining Microsoft was well-received by investors, causing a 2% increase in Microsoft’s stock price. Other companies, such as Salesforce and Nvidia, have also expressed their interest in hiring OpenAI employees.

Salesforce’s Offer

Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, has publicly stated that his company is willing to match the compensation packages of any OpenAI researcher who decides to leave the company. He has encouraged the employees to send their resumes directly to his corporate email address. Salesforce aims to incorporate these talented individuals into their “Salesforce Einstein Trusted AI” research team, led by Silvio Savarese.

“Salesforce will match any OpenAI researcher who has tendered their resignation full cash & equity OTE to immediately join our Salesforce Einstein Trusted AI research team under Silvio Savarese. Send me your cv directly to Einstein is the most successful…” – Marc Benioff

Benioff has even reached out specifically to foreign workers at OpenAI, assuring them that Salesforce will provide support for their visa and legal situation in the United States.

Nvidia’s Invitation

Jim Fan, an AI scientist at Nvidia, has also extended an invitation to OpenAI employees. Through a social media post, he has expressed his admiration for the OpenAI team and stated that Nvidia is hiring engineers, researchers, and product teams. He even offered a unique perk, mentioning that if anyone wants an excuse to play games like Minecraft at work, he is the person to contact. Fan empathizes with the employees and encourages them to reach out if they need assistance or simply want to chat.

“My team at Nvidia is hiring. We ❤️ all of you at OpenAI. Engineers, researchers, product team, all the same. If you want an excuse to play games like Minecraft at work, I’m your guy. I’m impressed by the events. I can only begin to understand the depth of what you must be going through. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything I can help with, or just to say hi and share anything you want to talk about. I’m here to listen.” – Jim Fan

Hunt for Talent

While some companies have openly expressed their interest in hiring OpenAI employees, others have remained silent, potentially waiting for the right opportunity to make their move. The list of OpenAI employees who have signed the letter is a treasure trove for any tech recruiter. The employees of OpenAI can now resign without worry, knowing that there are numerous opportunities available to them.

Future of OpenAI

The situation at OpenAI remains uncertain. The employees’ pressure, combined with the concerns of investors who have invested in OpenAI’s for-profit subsidiaries, may lead to a possible return of Sam Altman. However, the control of these subsidiaries ultimately depends on the non-profit parent company governed by the current board of directors. OpenAI has explicitly stated that investing in the company is a high-risk endeavor, with the possibility of losing all invested funds without any guaranteed returns. The future of OpenAI hangs in the balance, and only time will tell how this crisis will unfold.


The crisis at OpenAI has created a unique opportunity for tech companies to attract top talent from within the organization. OpenAI employees, fed up with the dismissal of their former CEO, are threatening to resign en masse if changes are not made.

Companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Nvidia have openly expressed their interest in hiring these talented individuals, offering competitive compensation packages and exciting opportunities. As the battle for OpenAI employees intensifies, the future of the company remains uncertain.