The Luxurious Allure of the 24-Karat-Gold Superyacht

The Luxurious Allure of the 24-Karat-Gold Superyacht

In the world of luxury yachts, there are few vessels that can truly capture the imagination quite like the AK Royalty. Owned by Aaron Fidler, this 136-foot Palmer Johnson superyacht stands out from the crowd in a truly remarkable way – it is entirely painted in 24-karat-gold dust.

With its stunning aesthetics and impressive features, the AK Royalty has become the epitome of opulence and extravagance in the yachting industry.

From Dreams to Reality: Aaron Fidler’s Path to Yacht Ownership

Aaron Fidler’s journey to becoming a superyacht owner is a testament to his determination and passion for the industry. After studying computer electronics engineering, Fidler found himself in a rapidly evolving field where his education quickly became outdated.

Seeking new adventures, he embarked on a journey around the world, immersing himself in different cultures and environments. It was during his travels in South America that he first heard about the yachting industry, sparking a new passion within him.

Setting Sail: From Deckhand to Chief Engineer

Inspired by the allure of the yachting world, Fidler secured a job as a deckhand aboard the yacht Solemates in South Florida. This experience served as a launching pad for his career in the industry.

Fidler dedicated himself to his work, steadily working his way up the ranks and gaining invaluable experience along the way. Eventually, he reached the position of chief engineer aboard an impressive 180-foot yacht.

Drawing on his engineering background, Fidler began developing innovative products for the marine industry, including circuits to enhance communication between yachts and docks.

From Innovation to Superyacht Ownership: The Birth of Furrion

Fidler’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found Furrion, a tech company that specializes in creating cutting-edge products for the marine industry. Starting with commodity items such as televisions and entertainment systems, Furrion quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach.

Fidler and his brother took the company to new heights, eventually reaching annual sales of $350 million. Furrion’s success allowed Fidler to pursue his lifelong dream of owning a Palmer Johnson superyacht.

AK Royalty: A Dream in 24-Karat Gold

When the opportunity to purchase the AK Royalty arose, Fidler knew he had found his dream yacht. Palmer Johnson’s reputation for crafting exquisite and stylish vessels resonated with Fidler, and the AK Royalty was no exception.

Built in 2009 and originally named Plus Too, the yacht underwent an extensive refit process to transform its exterior into a dazzling display of 24-karat-gold. The meticulous process involved achieving the perfect combination of marine paint and gold dust, resulting in a breathtaking exterior that glimmers under the sunlight.

Luxury and Entertainment: Aboard the AK Royalty

Beyond its striking exterior, the AK Royalty boasts an array of luxurious amenities and entertainment options. Fidler’s vision for the yacht was to create a fast and sporty vessel that would turn heads wherever it went.

To achieve this, the yacht features a state-of-the-art DJ booth, a Fendi-inspired interior, and an impressive top speed of 38 mph. The attention to detail extends to even the smallest features, with Fidler ensuring that the Jet Skis and SeaBobs are color-matched to the yacht’s gold aesthetics.

A Playground on the Water: AK Royalty’s Toys and Entertainment

AK Royalty is not just a vessel for cruising in style; it also offers a range of exciting toys and entertainment options for guests to enjoy. Designed to attract day charterers, the yacht features a dive compressor center, an inflatable slide, a fly board, and a 12-person floating trampoline.

The sun deck is home to a six-person Jacuzzi, perfect for relaxation and unwinding. The yacht’s AV sound system, complete with iPad controls, ensures a seamless entertainment experience, while a DJ deck on the aft deck sets the stage for unforgettable parties and events.

Perfect Blend of Comfort and Adventure: Upgraded Engineering Systems

Fidler’s desire for exploration and adventure led to significant upgrades in the AK Royalty’s engineering systems. The yacht’s air-conditioning and generators were enhanced to provide optimal comfort, even when traveling off-grid.

Fidler’s vision for the vessel included the ability to explore remote regions without compromising on luxury and convenience. With these upgrades, the AK Royalty offers all the backup systems required to venture into uncharted waters while maintaining the highest standards of comfort and reliability.

Opulence in Every Detail: The AK Royalty’s Interior

The AK Royalty’s interior is a testament to Fidler’s commitment to luxury and opulence. The refit process included dressing the main ensuite in exquisite marble, creating a lavish retreat for the yacht’s owner.

Gold fittings, Fendi carpets, and sumptuous soft furnishings further enhance the interior’s allure. The yacht features faux wildlife sculptures, with silver tiger sculptures adorning almost every room. The formal dining area provides an elegant space for guests to indulge in gourmet meals, offering a contrast to the yacht’s extravagant exterior.

Cruising in Style: The AK Royalty’s Itinerary

Since the completion of the refit, Fidler and his family have been enjoying the AK Royalty’s luxurious amenities as they explore the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman. The yacht’s impressive top speed allows Fidler to embrace his love for fast-paced travel, ensuring that the AK Royalty reaches its destinations in record time. Next on the itinerary is a journey to the Red Sea, followed by a crossing to the Mediterranean.

Fidler’s adventurous spirit and desire for new experiences continue to drive the AK Royalty’s voyage across the seas.


The AK Royalty stands as a shining example of the extraordinary possibilities that can be achieved within the world of superyachts. Aaron Fidler’s journey from deckhand to superyacht owner showcases the power of determination and passion.

With its stunning 24-karat-gold exterior, luxurious amenities, and upgraded engineering systems, the AK Royalty is a true marvel on the water. As Fidler and his family chart their course to new horizons, the AK Royalty will continue to captivate onlookers and redefine the meaning of luxury on the high seas.