The Power of Power Apps: Accelerating Energy Self-Consumption Projects in Madrid

The Power of Power Apps: Accelerating Energy Self-Consumption Projects in Madrid

In recent years, the demand for renewable energy sources has been on the rise, with more individuals and communities seeking to harness the power of solar energy. One organization that has been at the forefront of promoting energy self-consumption projects is Madrid Futuro Solar, a non-profit association dedicated to the economic and social development of Madrid.

By leveraging the power of Microsoft’s Power Apps, Madrid Futuro Solar has revolutionized the way communities in Madrid manage and implement their solar energy projects, streamlining the process and reducing the time it takes to complete these projects.

Streamlining the Energy Self-Consumption Process

Before the implementation of Microsoft’s solutions, the process of completing an energy self-consumption project in Madrid was time-consuming and cumbersome. It typically took around 6 months from the initial interest to the final contract with an energy company. This lengthy process hindered decision-making and often posed challenges in providing the necessary documentation. However, with the deployment of new technological solutions by Axazure, an expert partner of Microsoft, the entire process has been significantly streamlined.

With the help of Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps, Madrid Futuro Solar now assists communities of neighbors at every stage of the process, from organizing community meetings to selecting the most suitable budget and monitoring the installation. This automation has made the process easy and transparent for those interested in generating their own solar energy. It has also provided a dual benefit by centralizing communications with communities of neighbors and allowing the Madrid Futuro Solar team to supervise and monitor all commercial processes.

Madrid Futuro Solar recognizes the immense potential for solar energy in the city of Madrid, with more than 2,800 hours of sunlight per year. While the installation of photovoltaic panels in single-family homes is progressing well, it remains relatively low in community-owned buildings where the majority of Madrilenians reside. The focus of Madrid Futuro Solar is to effectively convey the advantages of solar panel installations to communities and provide the necessary support to bring their projects to life.

Accelerating the Commercial Process

The deployment of the new technological solutions has revolutionized the commercial process for energy self-consumption projects. What used to take 6 months can now be completed in less than 3 months, thanks to the automation provided by Microsoft’s tools and the commitment of energy companies. This accelerated timeline has not only reduced the time it takes to complete projects but has also facilitated decision-making by eliminating the obstacles posed by lengthy processes and document requirements.

Power Apps, a powerful tool provided by Microsoft, has been instrumental in creating a management application without the need for programming. This application simplifies record-keeping and customized process control, allowing Madrid Futuro Solar to efficiently manage and supervise the installation projects. The low-code capabilities of Power Apps have expedited the deployment of the application, which can now be completed in a matter of days compared to the weeks it would take to develop a custom application of this nature. Additionally, the solution is highly scalable, adapting easily to the number of communities and collaborating companies. Energy companies can now autonomously manage the commercial processes for self-consumption installations, thanks to Power Automate.

Transparency and Efficiency Through Automation

The implementation of new technological solutions has brought transparency and efficiency to the Madrid Futuro Solar team and its collaborating companies. Power Automate, in particular, has ensured that both energy companies and the Madrid Futuro Solar team stay updated on the progress and changes in various communities through notifications. This streamlined flow of information guarantees efficient and timely management of the process in all its phases.

Axazure, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform specialist, has been instrumental in the successful deployment of these technological solutions. By creating a centralized platform using Power Apps, Madrid Futuro Solar can provide detailed information to users, simplifying communication between stakeholders. The platform captures information from web forms completed by community presidents and administrators to integrate the collected data. This automation has significantly expedited operations, benefiting both energy companies and the Madrid Futuro Solar team.

Future Steps and Continuous Improvement

Madrid Futuro Solar’s journey towards promoting energy self-consumption projects does not end with the successful deployment of the current solutions. The association aims to digitize the intermediate phases of the installation process, from necessary documentation for administrative procedures to financing requests from banks. Additionally, Madrid Futuro Solar plans to establish direct communication channels with communities of neighbors until the installations are up and running in their homes.

Since the launch of the project, Madrid Futuro Solar has received an overwhelming response from communities interested in implementing energy self-consumption projects. The challenge now lies in continuously improving the process, identifying any bottlenecks and streamlining them as much as possible to make it user-friendly for all stakeholders. Automation plays a pivotal role in reaching the maximum number of households possible, ensuring a sustainable future for Madrid.


Madrid Futuro Solar has successfully leveraged Microsoft’s Power Apps and Power Automate to revolutionize the energy self-consumption process in Madrid.

By streamlining operations and automating key tasks, Madrid Futuro Solar has significantly reduced the time it takes to complete projects, while also improving decision-making and transparency. With the support of Axazure, Madrid Futuro Solar has created a centralized platform that simplifies communication and data management, benefiting both communities and collaborating energy companies.

Madrid Futuro Solar’s commitment to continuous improvement ensures a sustainable future for solar energy in Madrid, paving the way for a greener and more energy-efficient city.