The Thrilling Battle Between Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez: A Historic Photo Finish

The Thrilling Battle Between Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez: A Historic Photo Finish

In a heart-stopping race at Interlagos, Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez engaged in a thrilling battle that resulted in a historic photo finish. The intense competition between the two drivers captivated fans, bringing back memories of legendary races from the past. With only a minuscule difference of 53 milliseconds, Alonso, representing Aston Martin, emerged victorious over Perez’s Red Bull.

This article delves into the details of this adrenaline-fueled encounter, highlighting the key factors that contributed to Alonso’s podium finish.

A Battle for the Ages

The nail-biting duel between Alonso and Perez in the final lap of the race evoked memories of legendary races from Formula 1’s history. The slim margin of victory reminded fans of races like the 1982 Austrian Grand Prix, where Elio de Angelis edged out Keke Rosberg by a mere 50 milliseconds. Another unforgettable race was the 1969 Italian Grand Prix, where Jean-Pierre Beltoise snatched the podium from Bruce McLaren by a mere 20 milliseconds.

However, the closest finish in Formula 1 history remains Peter Gethin’s triumph in the 1971 Italian Grand Prix, where he claimed victory with a mere 10-millisecond lead over Ronnie Peterson.

Recalling Alonso’s Defensive Skills

Alonso’s masterful defensive driving during the battle with Perez brought back memories of his remarkable performance in the 2005 San Marino Grand Prix. When asked about the comparison, Alonso attributed his success in Imola to the absence of the Drag Reduction System (DRS), which provides assistance during overtaking maneuvers.

Despite Perez’s advantage in top speed, thanks to Red Bull’s superior engine power, Alonso skillfully utilized the Energy Recovery System (ERS) to maintain his position. The precise management of ERS enabled him to recharge the battery at the opportune moment and unleash maximum power on the straights.

A Fatal Mistake by Perez

Although Perez had a significant speed advantage on the fastest sections of the track, a small mistake in the final lap cost him dearly. In his attempt to overtake Alonso, Perez deviated from the racing line and drove over a patch of debris, causing his tires to become dirty. Alonso seized this opportunity and capitalized on Perez’s error, executing a daring move in turn 4 to secure the victory. Reflecting on the race, Alonso revealed, “I thought my chances were gone at turn 6 when I went wide and picked up a lot of debris on my tires. But I pushed hard in turns 1 and 4, using the DRS aggressively. Perez had already realized this and pushed too hard in turn 1, missing the apex by a meter, which gave me the chance to pass him in turn 4.

Display of Sportsmanship

Following their exhilarating battle, Alonso and Perez shared a sincere embrace in the post-race interviews, demonstrating mutual respect and sportsmanship. Alonso commended Perez for his aggressive yet clean racing style, highlighting his reputation for battling hard while keeping both cars on the track. This display of camaraderie added an extra layer of appreciation for the incredible performance put on by both drivers.

Alonso’s Road to Redemption

Alonso’s podium finish at Interlagos marked a significant turnaround after disappointing performances in Austin and Mexico. With this result, he climbed to fourth place in the World Championship standings, holding a three-point advantage over Lando Norris and a six-point advantage over Carlos Sainz. However, the achievement goes beyond individual rankings.

Aston Martin’s strong performance, with Lance Stroll securing a fifth-place finish, showcased the team’s remarkable progress. This race yielded a total of 25 points for Aston Martin, their best result since the Australian Grand Prix.

Aston Martin’s Revival

The performance of the Aston Martin AMR-23 at Interlagos resembled its early-season form. The car, designed in Silverstone, ranked as the third fastest on the grid, with an average lap time of 1:15.759, trailing Red Bull by a mere 45 milliseconds and McLaren by 37 milliseconds.

Meanwhile, Mercedes experienced a decline and settled for the seventh position, trailing the leaders by 83 milliseconds. This shift in performance highlighted the unpredictable nature of Formula 1 and the importance of continuous improvement.

Insights from Interlagos

Interlagos’ characteristics, including its two high-speed sections and compact layout, drew similarities to Zandvoort, where Alonso previously showcased his ability to challenge the top contenders. Alpine’s improved performance at Interlagos, coupled with Ferrari’s struggles, further emphasized the impact of track-specific factors on team performance.

As the season nears its conclusion, the results from Interlagos provide Aston Martin with confidence and motivation to build on their recent success.

Acknowledging the Team Effort

Mike Krack, Aston Martin’s team principal, praised the collective effort that contributed to the team’s success at Interlagos. He acknowledged the hard work put in by everyone, both on the track and at the factory, emphasizing the importance of teamwork.

While Krack ruled out further aerodynamic updates for the upcoming races in Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi, he highlighted the significance of providing the drivers with a fast car, enabling them to deliver exceptional performances. This race served as a testament to what can be achieved with a well-coordinated team and a competitive car.


The battle between Alonso and Perez at Interlagos will go down in history as one of Formula 1’s most thrilling encounters. This race showcased Alonso’s defensive skills, Perez’s relentless pursuit, and the fine margins that determine victory in motorsport. The sportsmanship displayed by both drivers added an extra layer of admiration for their performances.

As Aston Martin celebrates their return to form, they can take pride in the collective effort that propelled them to success. With two races remaining, the season promises more excitement and surprises. Formula 1 enthusiasts eagerly await the next chapter in this captivating championship battle.