Tiara’s Innovative 54-Foot Yacht: A Deft Transformation on the Deck

Tiara’s Innovative 54-Foot Yacht: A Deft Transformation on the Deck

Tiara Yachts, a U.S. based yacht manufacturing company, has always been known for their adventurous edge. Their latest offering, the EX54, is a testament to their legacy of creating yachts that bring the thrill of the sea right at your fingertips.

Tiara Legacy: An Overview

With a history seeped in marine adventures, Tiara Yachts has created a niche for themselves in the yacht industry. Their small and sporty boats have been a hit among adventure enthusiasts, with their designs centered around fishing and diving.

Last year, at the Miami International Boat Show, Tiara announced their intentions of stepping into the world of larger yachts with the launch of their flagship model, the EX60. Tiara’s craftsmanship was evident in the yacht’s finish and design, marking their entry into the world of larger yachts.

EX54: A Closer Look

The EX54 is the next model in Tiara’s line after the EX60. It debuted at the Miami show last month. With a length of 54 feet, the yacht is designed to offer versatility and a high level of attention to detail, keeping up with Tiara’s ambitious plans for the future.

The most distinguishing feature of the EX54 is its customizable cockpit. It offers three different setups – a social version with two settees facing each other, an adventure setup that provides space for dive tanks and scuba gear, and a ‘glass-patio’ design with modular ottomans.

Innovative Design Meets Superior Comfort

The yacht’s innovative design extends to its interiors as well. The cabin features high-quality woodwork and ergonomics that make it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The teak used across the main deck is richly grained, with snug joinery, adding a touch of elegance to the yacht.

Another unique feature of the EX54 is the position of the seats in the salon. With four forward-facing seats, the yacht ensures maximum comfort even in big waters. The yacht also comes with an optional Seakeeper 9 that prevents the boat from rocking and rolling at anchor or when moving at slow speeds in large swells.

Powering the EX54

EX54 is powered by twin Volvo Penta IPS2 950s that is paired with a glass cockpit by Garmin. The joystick control allows for excellent slow-speed maneuverability, high-speed handling, and minimal noise. In speed tests, the boat reached a top speed of 38.7 mph, with a comfortable cruise speed of 30.6 mph, delivering a range of 334 miles.

The Verdict

The EX54 is a clear example of how Tiara Yachts is moving towards creating larger and more luxurious yachts while keeping their adventurous DNA intact. This yacht is sure to appeal to both existing Tiara owners looking to upgrade and to owners of foreign-built vessels who appreciate quality American craftsmanship.