TPS Re-registration Process for Venezuelan Citizens: What You Need to Know

TPS Re-registration Process for Venezuelan Citizens: What You Need to Know

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program provides temporary relief to immigrants from countries experiencing armed conflict, natural disasters, or other extraordinary circumstances.

For Venezuelan citizens living in the United States, the TPS program has been crucial in ensuring their rights and protection.However, it is important for eligible individuals to understand the re-registration process to maintain their status and benefits.

Understanding TPS Re-registration

Who Needs to Re-register?

If you are an undocumented Venezuelan immigrant who has been in the United States since March 8, 2021, or earlier under the TPS program, you must re-register to maintain your legal status and rights. Re-registration is necessary to receive deportation protection for an additional 18 months, until July 10, 2025.

Re-registration Period

Re-registration period for Venezuelan citizens under the TPS program extends for 60 days, starting from January 10 and ending on March 10. It is crucial to submit your re-registration application within this timeframe to avoid any potential issues or complications.

Required Forms and Background Checks

To complete the re-registration process, eligible individuals must submit Form I-821 and undergo a background check for criminal records. This verification is an essential step to ensure compliance with the TPS program’s regulations.

Importance of Work Permits

Extension of Work Permits

The work permits for Venezuelan citizens covered under the TPS program were initially set to expire in March of this year. However, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has extended the validity of these permits for an additional 12 months, until March 10, 2025.

Renewing Work Permits

While the TPS renewal process is underway, it is vital for individuals to also consider renewing their work permits. Failure to renew the work permit could result in a lapse of authorization, even if the TPS status remains valid. By renewing the work permit, individuals can ensure continued employment authorization until July 2025.

Take Note of Criminal Offenses

Felonies and Misdemeanors

According to TPS regulations, individuals who commit a felony or two misdemeanors while under the program may lose their right to remain in the United States. USCIS reserves the right to reject renewal applications from individuals with criminal records. It is essential to consult an immigration lawyer immediately if you have committed offenses such as domestic violence or driving under the influence (DUI).

Presumption of Good Moral Character

In the case of individuals with two or more DUI convictions during the statutory period, USCIS has established a presumption of good moral character. However, applicants can still overcome this presumption by providing evidence of their good moral character during the period in which the DUI offenses were committed.

Beware of Immigration Scams

Unauthorized Individuals

During the re-registration process, it is crucial to remain vigilant against immigration scams. Unauthorized individuals may attempt to take advantage of vulnerable immigrants, claiming to be able to submit TPS forms on their behalf. Remember that only lawyers or accredited representatives working for recognized organizations authorized by the Department of Justice can provide legal advice on immigration matters.

Consequences of Scams

Immigration scams not only result in financial loss but can also lead to the loss of legal rights and potential deportation. It is essential to be aware of potential scams and seek assistance from reputable sources to ensure a smooth and legitimate re-registration process.


The TPS re-registration process for Venezuelan citizens is a critical step in maintaining legal status and benefits in the United States. By understanding the requirements, deadlines, and potential pitfalls, eligible individuals can navigate the process successfully.

Remember to re-register within the specified timeframe, renew work permits, and seek legal advice if you have any criminal offenses. Stay informed, be cautious of scams, and protect your rights as a Venezuelan immigrant in the United States.