Treating menstrual pain with CBD? An effective and natural alternative

Menstrual pain is an unavoidable discomfort that affects approximately 75% of women during their periods.

For some women, these pains are so intense that they can even interrupt their daily lives for several days. However, thanks to CBD or cannabidiol, we now have an effective tool to alleviate the symptoms related to menstrual pain.

What is menstrual pain and premenstrual syndrome?

Premenstrual syndrome is the term used to describe the set of symptoms and pains that appear one or two weeks before a woman has her menstrual period.

Among the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome related to emotions and behavior, one can find mood swings, increased emotional sensitivity, irritability, moodiness, insomnia, food cravings, changes in appetite, decreased libido, among others.

In addition, this syndrome can also produce physical effects such as swelling in the belly, appearance of acne, fluid retention, muscle and joint pain, breast tenderness, diarrhea or constipation, discomfort in the lower abdomen, fatigue and low energy level.

How does CBD help with menstrual pain?

CBD has been shown to relieve symptoms of chronic pain, muscle spasms and inflammation. It also helps treat anxiety, insomnia and depression, among others. Since all of these symptoms are often present in women suffering from premenstrual syndrome, CBD is emerging as a viable, effective and natural option to alleviate these symptoms.

CBD can help soothe pain, relax muscles and has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. It is a comprehensive solution that is helping millions of people around the world with their problems and ailments, and it can do so with menstrual cramps as well.

What is the most appropriate CBD product for relieving menstrual cramps?

Actually, any CBD product could be useful, be it CBD flowers, oils, concentrates or vapers. But, there is one that stands out above the rest in terms of its therapeutic use: CBD oil.

CBD oils are the most commonly used for medicinal purposes. They allow a precise dosage through drops and can be found with different concentrations. Moreover, they are easy and convenient to use at any time.

When to take CBD for menstrual pain?

For best results, it is recommended to start taking CBD at least one week before the first symptoms start. This way, you get a constant concentration of CBD in your body, which helps to minimize the symptoms of menstrual cramps from the very beginning.

If you start taking CBD at the time when the first symptoms appear, the concentration of CBD oil must be higher or you must take more daily intakes to increase the amount of oil in the body.

This involves a greater expense and may not be as effective as starting to take it early.

What dosage of CBD is used to treat menstrual pain?

The dosage of CBD needed often varies from person to person, as levels of discomfort or pain may be different. Generally, the manufacturer of FP oils offers an optimal dosage based on body weight and three dosage levels: low, medium, and high.

These are the recommended dosages based on the consumer’s weight:

5% FP Female CBD oil:

Weight: 45-78 kg

– Low dose: 8 drops

– Medium dose: 8 drops

– High dose: 9 drops

Weight: 79-90 kg

– Low dose: 9 drops

– Medium dose: 11 drops

– High dose: 14 drops

Weight: +91 kg

– Low dose: 11 drops

– Medium dose: 15 drops

– High dose: 23 drops

Female CBD Oil FP at 10%:

Weight: 45-78 kg

– Low dose: 3 drops

– Medium dose: 4 drops

– High dose: 5 drops

Weight: 79-90 kg

– Low dose: 5 drops

– Medium dose: 6 drops

– High dose: 7 drops

Weight: +91 kg

– Low dose: 6 drops

– Medium dose: 8 drops

– High dose: 11 drops

Female CBD Oil FP at 20%:

Weight: 45-78 kg

– Low dose: 2 drops

– Medium dose: 3 drops

– High dose: 4 drops

Weight: 79-90 kg

– Low dose: 3 drops

– Medium dose: 4 drops

– High dose: 5 drops

Weight: +91 kg

– Low dose: 4 drops

– Medium dose: 5 drops

– High dose: 8 drops

These amounts are expressed in drops per day, and are usually taken 2 to 4 times a day, depending on the needs of each person.

We recommend starting with low doses and gradually increasing until the optimal dose is found. When high doses of a particular concentration are required, it is time to increase and move on to the next concentration of the oil.

Is it safe to use CBD to relieve menstrual cramps?

The World Health Organization has listed CBD as a substance that is neither addictive nor harmful to human health, and has noted its therapeutic potential in the treatment of various medical conditions.

Although not yet recognized as a food supplement by the European Union, CBD is used as a medical treatment in many countries and has shown excellent results.

As the regulation of medical cannabis moves forward globally, it is expected that the therapeutic benefits of CBD, including its use in relieving menstrual pain, will be recognized and fully exploited.


CBD offers an effective and natural alternative to combat menstrual cramps and period symptoms.

If you’re looking for relief and a more holistic way to manage premenstrual symptoms, CBD is a viable option for you. However, be sure to consult with a physician or healthcare professional before beginning any type of CBD treatment.