Ukraine’s Perspective on Russian Elections: A Cocktail of Apathy and Contempt

Ukraine’s Perspective on Russian Elections: A Cocktail of Apathy and Contempt

Ukraine’s standpoint on the Russian elections is marked by a blend of disregard and scorn. Not only is the victor of the elections a foregone conclusion, but Ukrainians also perceive Putin not as their primary adversary, but as a mere executor.

Political landscape in Europe, particularly between Ukraine and Russia, is fraught with tension. The recent Russian elections have elicited a reaction from Ukraine that is a mixture of indifference and disdain.

Ukraine’s Stance on Russian Elections

The Ukrainian perspective on the Russian electoral process is characterized by a combination of disregard and contempt. This is not just because the result is predictable, with Putin being the known winner, but also because Putin is not perceived as Ukraine’s main foe. Instead, he is seen simply as an implementer of a wider strategy.

Electoral Theater of Putin

Ukrainians perceive the Russian electoral process as a political spectacle orchestrated by Putin. It’s seen as an event where the outcome is predetermined, and the process merely serves as a formality rather than a true democratic process.

Real Enemy of Ukraine

While Putin is undoubtedly a figure of controversy and conflict for Ukraine, he is not deemed the primary enemy. The real adversary, as perceived by many Ukrainians, lies in the broader Russian imperialistic tradition that Putin merely implements.

A Historical Perspective

The disdain and indifference towards Russia’s political processes stem from a historical perspective. The longstanding conflict and strained relations between Ukraine and Russia have shaped this viewpoint, making Ukrainians skeptical of Russian politics.

Role of Imperialism in Ukraine’s Perspective

Ukraine’s viewpoint is deeply rooted in the history of Russian imperialism. Putin is seen as a mere cog in the wheel of this imperialistic machine, thus downplaying his role and shifting the focus to the broader imperialistic tradition.

Ukraine’s War Addiction

Two years into the Russian invasion, Ukraine’s stance has hardened. The war has had a profound impact on the nation’s psyche, leading to a kind of dependency on the conflict. This war addiction further fuels the indifference and contempt towards the Russian political process.

A Global Perspective on the Conflict

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is not an isolated event. It’s part of a global pattern of conflicts, reflecting a trend towards escalating tensions worldwide. This broader context adds another layer to Ukraine’s perspective on the Russian elections.


Ukraine’s perspective on the Russian elections is a complex mix of historical, political, and psychological factors. The dismissive and contemptuous attitude towards the electoral process reflects not just the tension between the two nations, but also the broader context of global conflicts and power dynamics.