Waging a Historic Battle for Territorial Integrity: Venezuela’s Struggle for Existence

Venezuela finds itself in the midst of a historic battle for its right to exist, its right to peace, and its territorial integrity. President Nicolás Maduro has emphasized that this struggle is not new for the Venezuelan people, who have fought for independence for centuries.

In the 21st century, Venezuela faces a new challenge – an imperial threat to its sovereignty.

A Historical Struggle for Independence

Venezuela’s fight for independence has been a cornerstone of its history. From the decree of the eighth star on its flag by Simón Bolívar to its rescue by President Hugo Chávez, the country has consistently defended its territorial rights.

The eighth star represents the Esequibo territory, which is currently under threat of encroachment. President Maduro affirms that this star will forever shine on the flag, as it symbolizes Venezuela’s unwavering determination to protect its boundaries.

Rejecting International Mediation

President Maduro firmly stands by Venezuela’s sovereign decision to reject the intervention of the International Court of Justice and any other international body in the territorial dispute with Guyana. Venezuela’s position has remained consistent throughout history, regardless of the government in power.

This principled stance, championed by leaders like President Chávez and President Maduro, ensures that the Venezuelan people retain their right to self-determination and participation in decision-making processes.

“Venezuela’s historic position is to not recognize any judicial authority, particularly the International Court of Justice, in resolving the Esequibo controversy. This is a position I reaffirm today.” – President Nicolás Maduro

Threat of Juridical Colonialism

Venezuela faces a new form of colonialism – juridical colonialism. The attempt to subject Venezuela to the jurisdiction of the ICJ is seen as an assault on its constitution and the will of its people.

President Maduro warns that this move by Guyana seeks to undermine Venezuela’s sovereignty, erode its democratic processes, and deprive its citizens of their right to determine their own future.

Historical Truths and Diplomatic Responsibility

In the face of this challenge, President Maduro calls upon the Venezuelan diplomatic corps to disseminate the truth about Venezuela’s historical claims in multiple languages and to various nations. It is essential to counter misinformation and ensure that the world understands Venezuela’s fight for peace, territorial integrity, and constitutional rights.


Venezuela’s battle for its territorial integrity is an ongoing struggle rooted in its historical fight for independence. President Maduro’s rejection of international mediation, particularly the jurisdiction of the ICJ, underscores the country’s commitment to self-determination.

As Venezuela faces a new form of colonialism, it is crucial for the world to understand the truth about its claims and support its pursuit of peace, territorial integrity, and constitutional rights.