Who makes up the opposition in El Salvador and what they are proposing to beat Bukele in the elections

Who makes up the opposition in El Salvador and what they are proposing to beat Bukele in the elections

El Salvador is preparing for presidential and legislative elections, and the opposition candidates are ready to take on the popular and controversial Nayib Bukele and his Nuevas Ideas party.

Despite the difficulties they face, these candidates are ready to do battle and propose different approaches for the country.

Opposition candidates

In the most favorable polls, opposition candidates add up to only 12.2% of voting intention, compared to 81.7% attributed to Bukele. Among the main candidates are Manuel “El Chino” Flores of the FMLN, Joel Sánchez of Arena, Luis Parada of Nuestro Tiempo, José Renderos of Fuerza Solidaria and Marina Murillo of Fraternidad Patriótica Salvadoreña.

Manuel “El Chino” Flores

Manuel Flores, FMLN candidate, believes he is better positioned than polls indicate. Although his support is only 4.5% according to some measurements, he is confident in the support of the poor and humble people of the country, who are not reached by the polls.

Flores has been touring the country for weeks in search of support and is confident of maintaining the FMLN representation in the Legislative Assembly.

Joel Sánchez

Joel Sanchez, Arena’s candidate, is a businessman coming from the civil society. Although Arena has lost influence due to corruption allegations, Sanchez defends that the institution should not be blamed for the corrupt acts of some individuals. Sánchez proposes economic policies oriented to investment and growth, with the objective of reducing poverty in the country.

Luis Parada

Luis Parada, Nuestro Tiempo’s candidate, is a lawyer specialized in international litigation. Although polls attribute him a 2.5% support, Parada believes that if all parties unite, Bukele will not be able to win in the first round. His focus is on the family economy, justice for victims and the fight against corruption.

José Renderos and Marina Murillo

José Renderos, candidate of Fuerza Solidaria, is an obstetrician doctor seeking the presidency of the country. On the other hand, Marina Murillo is an architect and competes under the banner of Fraternidad Patriótica Salvadoreña. Both have a voting intention of 1.1% and 1%, respectively.

Fight in the Assembly

Several parties, such as Vamos, have decided not to present presidential candidates and to focus on legislative and municipal elections. Claudia Ortiz, deputy for San Salvador with the Vamos party, considers that the Assembly is key to build an alternative and represent the needs of the population.

Ortiz proposes economic policies to support families, justice for victims and the fight against corruption.

Electoral panorama

Polls indicate that opposition candidates face a difficult panorama to defeat Bukele and his party Nuevas Ideas. However, analysts point out that the traditional parties have not conducted a review of their political problems and have not adequately characterized Bukele. In addition, they highlight Bukele’s powerful propaganda apparatus, which may influence the outcome of the elections.


Despite the difficulties they face, the opposition candidates in El Salvador are willing to do battle against Nayib Bukele and his Nuevas Ideas party. Each of them proposes different approaches for the country, from economic policies to justice for victims and the fight against corruption.

Although the polls do not favor them, these candidates are determined to represent the population and offer different options in the presidential and legislative elections. The future of El Salvador is in the hands of the voters, who will decide the direction of the country in the upcoming elections.