Luxury fashion brands: Why settle for mediocre when you can look fabulous

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Luxury fashion brands: Why settle for mediocre when you can look fabulous

The fashion market is highly segmented. Brands occupy different tiers – from fast-fashion to mid-market companies to high-end labels. And on the surface it’s very difficult to see what makes them different. That’s why this Christmas – a time when we often give clothes to our loved ones (or ourselves) – this article will look into the reasons to choose luxury fashion brands.

And there are many.

Luxury clothing is an industry segment with distinctive characteristics. And while many people might think that one pays only for the label on the garment, this cannot be further from the truth. The brands at the high end of the fashion spectrum boast high quality of materials, craftsmanship and offer a hard-to-match shopping experience.

So, people don’t actually pay for the label but for what it signifies.

Luxury clothing brands offer dependable pieces that will last long, offering comfort and incredible feel for generations to come. The widespread perception that it’s not only unnecessary but unreasonable to pay for this type of garments is flawed. On the contrary, such a purchase is a wise investment.

Here is why.

1. Luxury Fashion Uses High-Quality Materials

Clothes produced by brands in the lower tier of the spectrum may seem quite similar to luxury garments at first glance. But when time passes one finds this is not the case.

And here’s the reason.

Cheaper clothes use fabrics that fade, stretch or emit a distinctive odor the more they are worn. This, of course, destroys the shirt, dress, pair of pants, or else that is made of it, forcing the owner to throw it away. Luxury clothing, on the other hand, is made of materials of exceptional quality.

2. They change in a very different way.

Good fabrics get better with age. Some become softer, others fit you better and make you feel more comfortable the more you wear them. These types of cotton, wool etc. are of course much more durable and they look better on you thanks to being so fine.

3. Luxury Clothing Is Better Crafted

Cheaper clothes are usually mass manufactured. This leads to lower quality. Seams break, the fit is far from perfect. You don’t want this to happen to a gift you made.

They craft (indeed craft) a garment slowly and with great precision. Garments are meticulously hand-cut, sewn and finished by a small experienced and skilled team with great attention to quality and detail. They can spot imperfections and work on them for as long as it takes.

This all leads to better structured, better fitting, more comfortable and better-looking clothes.

4. Luxury Fashion Is Authentic

It’s not uncommon for mass produced clothes to imitate expensive brands. This may vary from taking inspiration from trends and models to counterfeiting. However, in the end the result is quite different.

Why is that?

Because of the aforementioned dedication to quality at the high end of the industry. Even if two pieces of clothing look similar when it comes to design, chances are that the fabrics and the production process are quite different. And since clothes are about much more than just appearance, it’s better to trust the original.

Luxury clothing evokes emotions that must not be underestimated, too.

Knowing that you are wearing a genuinely luxurious garment gives a completely different feeling compared to buying a fake. It makes you feel more glamorous and boosts self-esteem. There’s a sense you are a part of a special clubof connoisseurs, too.

5. Luxury Clothing Brands Offer a Remarkable Shopping Experience

Whether you are visiting a brick-and-mortar store or shopping online, the retail experience offered by luxury brands is quite different from the one at other outlets.

First, the stores are visually stunning with their modern interiors. The staff is friendly and attentive without being intrusive. There’s no way you will see a pile of unfolded clothes on the shelves.

There’s a difference in online shopping, too.

The unboxing of the garment is experience itself. It will be sent to you in a beautiful box, not just a bag. It will be carefully folded and wrapped in paper which protects it. The box may even be scented.

It feels like a beautiful gift. For you or for somebody else.

Which takes us to our last point.

Luxury Clothing Is a Reward You Deserve

Modern life can be demanding and stressful. It’s difficult to navigate through it balancing work and family. And the modern woman that manages to do this deserves to reward herself.

And such a great achievement asks for a great reward.

High-end fashion is a good idea. Because it’s not something you will feel guilty about. Even if it’s more expensive than high street stores it will last. And what’s more – it will set you for future success, too, thanks to its effect on confidence.

This is the theory behind luxury fashion. But how does it look and feel in real life?

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Christmas is the season of giving and giving back to yourself. Choosing something special and timeless is never a bad decision. Feel glamorous and stand out by opting for high-quality clothing this coming holiday.